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Statistics: Posted by nine2 — 14 May 2020, 00:55

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If I host a custom game with no one else, all modifications enabled, it works fine.

However, if I join a team game with anything more then 2v2, it seems to lag behind and show the message at around 70% completion of upgrades. I have zero idea why and it occurs regardless of whether other modifications are on or not. The moho log showed some orange warnings of lookups, but in my limited knowledge of lua, it was not obvious how to decipher if it is because of your mod or another.

I can do a test with ya and post logs if ya like to try and resolve it, still.

Statistics: Posted by Morax — 13 May 2020, 23:52

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@betrok - thank you, I will integrate your changes

@Morax - it is news to me, are you able to test without any other mods? My prediction is its a conflict between mods and you would need to isolate which mod before I could look at that. It could also be a conflict with some settings perhaps. If you manage to trigger the error with no other mods, then I'd like your game.log please.

Statistics: Posted by nine2 — 08 May 2020, 12:01

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I can make a video for you if needed to show the fault, but is this something you are working to address?

Statistics: Posted by Morax — 07 May 2020, 16:03

2020-04-18T16:47:06+02:00 2020-04-18T16:47:06+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=9776&p=183450#p183450 <![CDATA[Re: New Mod: UI Party]]> modules/unitWatcher.lua(unit statuses).

Statistics: Posted by betrok — 18 Apr 2020, 16:47

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Okey long story short: when using this plugin there is no sound for selecting more engies after the first one.

Way to reproduce:
The issue also appears when creating a new selection of engies. So it is pretty easy to reproduce:
- Turn the mod off by starting the game (not by using the turn off switch in the ui party menu).
- Make two engies
- Drag select the first engi, sound played
- Make a new drag select on the second engi (without deselecting first), sound played
- Do the same with the mod on, and by making the second selection the sound is gone

Is this possible to fix? It affects my workflow quite a lot.

Statistics: Posted by silenceluke — 15 Apr 2020, 21:55

2020-04-12T05:55:01+02:00 2020-04-12T05:55:01+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=9776&p=183313#p183313 <![CDATA[Re: New Mod: UI Party]]>
- a key to quickly switch observer mode to the team that you are hovering over.

Statistics: Posted by nine2 — 12 Apr 2020, 05:55

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now give me the game.pres file (see point #3 in screenshot above)

Statistics: Posted by nine2 — 12 Apr 2020, 05:50

2020-04-11T02:25:44+02:00 2020-04-11T02:25:44+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=9776&p=183278#p183278 <![CDATA[Re: New Mod: UI Party]]>
I cound't find these specific files there so here is the folder itself.

Statistics: Posted by nimb777 — 11 Apr 2020, 02:25

2020-04-11T01:51:54+02:00 2020-04-11T01:51:54+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=9776&p=183277#p183277 <![CDATA[Re: New Mod: UI Party]]> 1. game.log file
2. game.prefs file

you can find them in the client as per this screenshot.

make sure you disable all mods except uiparty and run a game first. Then quit and get me the files.

Statistics: Posted by nine2 — 11 Apr 2020, 01:51

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Statistics: Posted by nimb777 — 10 Apr 2020, 17:53