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updated download link (for 3639+):

Statistics: Posted by PattogoTehen — 12 Dec 2014, 18:08

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Statistics: Posted by ZLO_RD — 24 May 2014, 21:32

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Shadows wrote:
What I dont get is why people are being forced to watch live replays with a 5 minutes delay without any option for the host to set it before the start of the game. Sometimes friends want to watch thier buddy play without waiting 5 minutes with a gray screen when loading the live replay. If that buddy would like to talk to them after the end of the game they would still be busy with watching his replay making the whole "Live Replay" thing a bit useless.

I agree, though it has to be VERY clear that the game's live replay has no delay.

Also, I'd like the delay to grow bigger as the game progresses.

Statistics: Posted by Dr_Doolittle — 05 May 2014, 15:57

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Reddev32 wrote:
and cause ranked makes it say so


Statistics: Posted by ColonelSheppard — 05 May 2014, 11:28

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I just keep it removed from my gamedata and move it back in when I need to use the live replay.

It's a very useful tool, especially for training, I don't know know how much time pattago has, and I would hate to see it lost for a long period of time if there was still a way to salvage some use out of it.

Of course if it's something that can fixed quickly you can ignore this, but I'm getting the impression it's not?

Statistics: Posted by Nombringer — 28 Apr 2014, 11:39

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Also, it's specifically remove the rounding of rating, and I can't allow that.

Statistics: Posted by Ze_PilOt — 27 Apr 2014, 11:30

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I'd like this to be implemented in the lobby so we can easily watch the game I/we/he/they just played together.

Does it support adjustable replay speed?

Statistics: Posted by Dr_Doolittle — 22 Apr 2014, 19:02