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Map name in FAF: Adaptive Abusmal Lake. 10 km. 4 - player's. Played horizontally. For fans of Seraphim+Aeon can compete vertically.
This is not the final version, but I will show you a couple of photos.
If someone tells me how to improve something on the map, I won't mind. You can always find me in discord.

Statistics: Posted by Robustness — 13 Aug 2020, 01:08

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Jip wrote:
If I take a 20x20 map and limit it to being a 9x13 map, would that be disqualified?

I'd like to reproduce Long Lakes, which is a 9x13 map.

Sorry, but please keep it under 512px or 10km, shouldnt be too hard to do in your specific scenario.

Statistics: Posted by biass — 08 Aug 2020, 12:48

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I'd like to reproduce Long Lakes, which is a 9x13 map.

Statistics: Posted by Jip — 08 Aug 2020, 12:17

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Lenkin wrote:
Ill do my best one if ftx will not be on the jury. Firstly, he did not make a single map, and secondly, he "checked" the card without even playing it and made conclusions based only on his imaginations. Thirdly, I am sure that he does not judge fairly.

I mean FTX or Biass can correct me, but even if FTX is bias against you, that is why a tournament is done by jury not by individual. And also why the organizers gets a panel or a second opinion for something while jury can itself be biased, its less likely.

If you think your map will be good regardless, you can host it yourself after mapping tournament, maybe share some replay's of the map, and show that is quality. Also thanks Biass for hosting this tournament, anything I can do to help, I'll try my best (and hopefully not have a miscommunication on my end again)

Statistics: Posted by Dragun101 — 05 Aug 2020, 17:56

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PS you don’t need to taste spoiled meat to recognize it’s spoiled.

Statistics: Posted by FtXCommando — 05 Aug 2020, 16:58

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Lenkin wrote:
Thirdly, I am sure that he does not judge fairly.

Do you have proof of this or are you saying this because you didn't win?

I'm not going to bow to behavior so petty, you either face your previous loss or you don't compete here.

Statistics: Posted by biass — 05 Aug 2020, 16:34

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2020-08-08T15:00:15+02:00 2020-08-04T14:28:07+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=19676&p=186130#p186130 <![CDATA[TA Mapping Tournament (#6, 10x10 and under)]]> For that, I decided to host a map tournament to bring back maps from that game.

Timeline: The deadline for submission will be October 1st 22:00 AEST. A little over a month and a bit.

Submission: You will re-create a Total Anihilation map that is 2v2, 10km, or less, and submit both the name of the map AND the name of the ORIGINAL TA map here.
Don't name your map after the original map please. Having 4 people submit the same named map is impossible.

1st Place: Dragun is offering a $30 prize and either the CORE: Image or ARM: Image Unique Faction avatar.
2nd Place: Factional Face Avatar (Or 3rd Place Prize)
3rd Place: Factional Logo Avatar

I'll let dragun showcase them here when they're made.

What TA maps can I choose from?
I originally wanted to have a list of maps to choose from but instead ill just give you this:

All the maps are on the left hand panel there, with images.
I was suggested to look for maps such as "Gods of War, John's pass, Full Moon, Red Planet, Painted Desert, Shore to Shore, The Pass, and Sherwood." If you need a start.

How will it be judged?
FtXCommando typically rated his maps in accordance to the same score we use to judge maps for the ladder pools, and while I do enjoy that system: we need to use a different standard here.

In short: I'm going to judge your maps based on how faithful a recreation they are, the asthetic appeal, and lastly how you've chosen to convert the gameplay into FAF. Please ask questions if you don't understand, I won't go into extreme detail this time of night :imfine:

The maps need to be 2v2 at a bare minimum, more player slots is fine however.
Many TA maps are asymmetric, and have random spawns and mechanics, please translate the map into a balanced enviroment. Don't bother trying to script in special mechanics like falling comets and the like, just make the map good. I won't mark you down for making the maps a different color, but making an evergreen moon won't help your case.

I'll be expecting more of maps that are smaller than the 10km maximum. So if you choose to make a 10km map, you will be judged in fairness.

Usual stuff below:

You may only submit one map per author.
Maps already in the vault at the time of posting may not be submitted.
Maps that are currently in progress may be submitted.

Content is judged by an opinion panel, and like last time I expect that panel to consist of high level players, FAF councilors, and Ladder Team members. To avoid conflicts of interest, opinions of users who have also entered into the competition will not be considered.

There are still mutiple objective requirements. Make sure your content abides by them. Any map found to not meet these requirements will be instantly disqualified and I will not be showing any leniency.
Spoiler: show
Any theme/biome is permitted. (eg Ice, Evergreen, etc)
No Mass Deposit or Hydrocarbon Deposit limit
No Decal, Prop, or Strata Layer (texture) limit.
Textures missing normal maps, or with an albedo map instead of a normal map unless in very specific cases will be considered a "broken" map, and be disqualified.
Any map name is permitted. Remember to abide by the client rules.
The map must function correctly in the vault/lobby and be completely free of bugs.
- Furthermore, the Mass/Hydrocarbon Deposits must be placed on their decal correctly, and must not be misaligned.
The map must be balanced for competitive play.
- Minor misalignments will be overlooked. Intentional unbalances will result in a DQ.

Statistics: Posted by biass — 04 Aug 2020, 14:28