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I'm at GMT+2, which puts the current timing at 5PM for me. During weekdays it just isn't possible to participate due to my working hours, and it will be even worse for others in Europe who are at GMT and+/- 1.

Essentially, almost everyone who works for a living during that time period is excluded from participating, which is a great pity.

Statistics: Posted by RocketRooster — 26 May 2017, 10:43

2017-05-25T22:01:07+02:00 2017-05-25T22:01:07+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=14607&p=149624#p149624 <![CDATA[Re: Yuri's Blitz #5 - Krazy x100 res (1x1x1x1 FFA)]]> Magnetic won the tournament.
I can't screenshot challonge brackets, because I didnt use it - challonge makes brackets for 1x1, and we played 4 players FFA. So I used notepad :).

Magnetic is honored with Blitz Master avatar.

Statistics: Posted by YuriIvanov — 25 May 2017, 22:01

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2017-05-20T10:18:26+02:00 2017-05-20T10:18:26+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=14607&p=149255#p149255 <![CDATA[Yuri's Blitz #5 - Krazy x100 res (1x1x1x1 FFA)]]> 18:00 GMT+3 (Moscow time). Tournament played live on my stream. So you need to be online and play during that time, games will be created and narrated by me live.

Any rating.

1st round - 16 players
FFA 1x1x1x1 on Asteroids map (it's Glaciers without water, in space, so you can't swim).
Two players live - they move to 2nd round. Two players, who dies first - DIES!!! So don't die, and kill faster

2nd round - 8 players
FFA 1x1x1x1 on Seton's Clutch.
Same as 1st round.

Finals - 4 players
Claustrophobia mod activated, with 3 minutes of preparation time and 30 seconds for each shrinks.
Maps are - Asteroids, Point of Reach v4, Point of Reach Spaced (so you can't be in space in the middle during Claustrophobia shrinks, you have to use transport to survive), Seton's Clutch (naval positions 4 players FFA).
Last player wins. Whoever gets 2 wins - is the BLITZ CHAMPION.
2nd and 3rd places are determined by wins in finals. If we get 2 wins for champion, and 0 wins for other 3 players, we play 1x1x1 to determine 2nd place. And then 1x1 to determine 3rd place.

Winner gets Blitz champion avatar.
2nd and 3rd places gets their appropriate avatars from this topic: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3312

Sign-up here
Be online in FAF 18:00 Moscow time on Monday.


Statistics: Posted by YuriIvanov — 20 May 2017, 10:18