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Please keep on testing with new games :)

Statistics: Posted by Brutus5000 — 13 Jul 2019, 23:24

2019-07-11T12:21:06+02:00 2019-07-11T12:21:06+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=17745&p=176273#p176273 <![CDATA[Re: Testers wanted - new replay server]]> Statistics: Posted by nine2 — 11 Jul 2019, 12:21

2019-07-11T09:39:18+02:00 2019-07-11T09:39:18+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=17745&p=176271#p176271 <![CDATA[Re: Testers wanted - new replay server]]> From my understanding the new replay server is trying to find the replay stream that matches most players (so if one stream "desyncs" it will not be used).

Furthermore: The old replay server was using blocking IO (do an operation on one thing and wait for it to finish) and causing permanent 100% CPU load on one core. Given the fact that we can not scale to more cores (Python does not offer multithreading) I am pretty sure some problems came from the problem that the server was simply overloaded with work. The new replay server is using asyncronous IO which hopefully will give us a big performance improvements.

Since we cannot desync the game on purpose, the only test is: Does it create working replays?

Statistics: Posted by Brutus5000 — 11 Jul 2019, 09:39

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anything specific we should look out for when testing?

Statistics: Posted by PhilipJFry — 11 Jul 2019, 08:42

2019-07-11T00:21:19+02:00 2019-07-11T00:21:19+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=17745&p=176265#p176265 <![CDATA[Testers wanted - new replay server]]> The new replay server is live on prod for testing. You can select it on the Java client login environment "Main server - test new replay server" (in the combo box).

The server runs in parallel to the existing one, but writes the replay into a different directory. So if a game has a user connected to the old one and a new one both replays will be written. That way we can compare them. If all users use the old one, nothing changes. If all players use the new one it will only be written to the new directory, thus not be downloadable in the vault for now.

To download the replay from the new server there is a new url: ... id=ID_HERE

Please try to organize some tests with more than person connecting to the new replay server.

If you encounter any issues you can also discuss here.

Statistics: Posted by Brutus5000 — 11 Jul 2019, 00:21