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T3 does not lose to T4 mass-for-mass.

Original T4 was kinda ass imo. You send a spy plane every 30-40 seconds yet your mirror in that time goes from no T4 to a 60% one. It was stupid and gave no real time to respond defensively.

I’ve had zero issues stomping T4s (actually it’s way easier now because you can easily coalesce your various T3 into a solid group to beat the T4 because of the buildtime nerf).

Statistics: Posted by FtXCommando — 28 Aug 2018, 23:27

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I agree that T3 was OP in relation to T2 and T1, and I think this patch makes sense in that regard.

I think this has however wrecked the balance between T3 land and T4 assault bots.

Late game, build time nerfs are more or less pointless. You can spam monkeylords like mad if you want to and build the T3 engineers to do it, and they're easier to use, easier to micro and require less infrastructure than T3 land unit spam.

T3 land should not be replaced by T4 assault bots, T4 assault bots should compliment T3 land. They should compliment T3 land the way they always have, by requiring less infrastructure to build, by being buildable underwater by engineers or in far off corners of the map, by being a decent backup if your T3 land unit production is destroyed or even if it just isn't sufficient, by allowing you to immediately use reclaim after a won battle that would be hard to utilize any other way and by being easier to micro.

T4 assault bots should not beat T3 land mass for mass, or even really come close to that. Their role should not be to negate a large army that requires far more infrastructure and time to acquire than T4 assault bots.

I think the original balance between T3 and T4 was very good. I think its likely why the T2/T3 balance was always a bit off, because T3 had to be good to not be completely outclassed by T4.

I think T4 assault bots shoudl be nerfed in proportion to the T3 nerfs, including but not limited to weapon range, damage health and unit speed.

I think after the nerf, the build costs should be brought back down to force players to scout for early T4 built without infrastructure investment. That strategy should make a lot of sense, although perhaps the build timers shouldn't be brought back down to where they were originally. A slight nerf there probably makes sense.

Fundamentally, the problem is that T3 is much worse for the mass cost now, while T4 is essentially unchanged.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

Statistics: Posted by moses_the_red — 28 Aug 2018, 21:46

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Some people have been asking to add an option for the addition of colored pseudo in the lobby chat, we got that covered, but the change still need some fine-tuning (which might take some time). Thus it will be introduced in the next patch.

thanks for the feedback.

The game dev team

Statistics: Posted by keyser — 24 Aug 2018, 13:35

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Anihilnine wrote:
hi - nice patch.

its quite annoying when your ladder opponent quits and you still have to play against AI


this is not intended but accidental and is being worked on right now so dont worry

Statistics: Posted by FlyingThunder — 22 Aug 2018, 12:00

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its quite annoying when your ladder opponent quits and you still have to play against AI


Statistics: Posted by nine2 — 22 Aug 2018, 11:46

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2018-08-20T01:05:48+02:00 2018-08-20T01:05:48+02:00 /viewtopic.php?t=16597&p=166904#p166904 <![CDATA[Re: 3697 game patch]]> I just had a ladder game on stella maris that was extended well over 1 hour. A player bunkered in his base with ravagers, klink hammers, SAMs etc. everything you need to bunker. Then he disconnected and AI overtook. I am a quite inexperienced player and had no idea how to counter that bunker. I took over the whole map, wasted 230k mass (!!) and built a nuke that fortunately finished him, because he forgot to build antinuke. He already left and i wasted so much time with this. I really see no point in AI-takeover for ladder.

Statistics: Posted by Rikai — 20 Aug 2018, 01:05

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It's been 2 weeks since we made a public announcement about the upcoming game patch.
At first we planned on going live with this patch within a week but due to a lack of time and public testing we ended up delaying it a bit.

I hope you all can enjoy the nice bugfixes and improvements that have been made in this patch.
Please post feedback of any kind regarding the 3697 patch in this thread.

If anyone would like to help with the faf game development either by contributing code or by testing changes feel free to pm any moderator on faf/forum/discord.
Big thanks to all the developers and testers who contributed to this patch.

Best Regards
PhilipJFry and Keyser

Statistics: Posted by PhilipJFry — 17 Aug 2018, 23:27