Making amphibious stuff work

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Making amphibious stuff work

Postby Ecthelon » 16 Apr 2019, 18:38

When I make water on maps, there are a couple of things that would be useful to know:

How deep should I make the water? Particularly in regards to how deep it has to be for experimentals to look correct. How deep to be fully submerged? At what depth can they be seen from land/fire?
How is it best to make the transition from shore to water so that units correctly move between them? How steep can this gradient be and what steepness works well in gameplay?

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Re: Making amphibious stuff work

Postby Morax » 02 May 2019, 20:06

I'm not entirely sure about the depths and heights for unit "full functional." The best practice is to load the map up with cheating enabled, spawn the units, and see what happens.

As for the ability to walk up shores, every unit in the game can or cannot traverse a specific gradient level. If you enable the "height heat map" in the editor, if you see yellow/ orange overlay, that means the unit can walk along that terrain. Green means that structures can be built upon it and traversed by units.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Making amphibious stuff work

Postby PhilipJFry » 02 May 2019, 20:11

units have a value in their respective blueprints for the offset which determines at which point the unit is in the over water or under water layer
last time we had to deal with inconsistencies in that regard we tried to set this value so that amphibious units that can shoot with their (regular over water) weapons are in the land layer

so the answer (as always) is - depends
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