Proxy connection and 6112 port

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Proxy connection and 6112 port

Postby ComboBreaker » 16 Mar 2019, 21:23

Hello! I have a problem of not being able to connect to a friend, whenever we try to connect to each other we end up waiting forever. Playing with others seem to be working out fine. In Downlord's client I have an orange icon for Proxy connection and if I understand it correctly, it should be green. I've tried forwarding 6112 port on my Mikrotik, but testing it with Simple Port Tester gives me result "Failed". I've also turned all antiviruses and firewall.

1). I have a Huawei model with coaxial cable which is then connected to mikrotik with ethernet. Is it possible for Huawei model to block ports?
2). What could I do next?
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Re: Proxy connection and 6112 port

Postby Apofenas » 17 Mar 2019, 03:58

6112 is used by old client. Downlord's client uses 6113 port. Check that in client settings.
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Re: Proxy connection and 6112 port

Postby Sojde » 21 Mar 2019, 00:50

I have question for you, and i will be glad if u can answer it, The question is that. Is there something that i can do to upgrade my proxy connection ? because i have it in orange color. I have 30mbps internet. In every game after 5 minutes i lost connection to one or more players. I do not know what to do, every help is welcome :-)
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