4th Dimension Issues While Playing Survival

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4th Dimension Issues While Playing Survival

Postby AaronD » 08 Mar 2019, 12:41

I am currently playing a survival game with 4th Dimension 2.12 V2 on the map "Survival 5th Dimension Center EE" with no other mods, except for the "All Factions" map option set to ACUs. I am encountering significant issues. I am writing this as I play and experience the issues. I know that this is an old, abandoned mod, but maybe someone would like to take it up as a project some day and get it working. It would be fun to have something other than mayhem and blackops for survival.

The first issue that I've encountered is that the game crashes while loading with any other mods enabled except the map-provided All Factions options.

The second issue I've encountered is that the ACU's models start out as the fully upgraded versions.

The third issue is that they have no animations. They Hover/slide across the ground instead of walking, and there is no "beam" when they are building things.

The fourth issue is that all of the ACUs have the ability to construct all tech, but they aren't actually upgraded to T3 engineering. Their build-speed and health are still T1, and they have no upgrades when I look. You can upgrade them to the higher tiers in order to get that increased build-speed.

The fifth issue is that regardless of whatever they are building, they all only consume -1 mass and +6 energy.

The sixth issue is that after upgrading to T2, sometimes when you click them you only get the t1/t2 build options, but most of the time you get access to all tiers of tech.

The seventh issue is that when upgrading mass points, they actually build over each-other. I have one mass extractor that is actually three extractors and it's only tech 2.

Mass Extractors and enemy units also have no animations.

The turrets, acus, and enemy units are capable of aiming their guns but not firing.

The enemy units are coming in range of my turrets, stopping as they do when they attack something, and becoming perma-emped

The units that slip past my line do not fire on the obj.

Enemy units only seem to be EMPed when they come in range of the turrets and decide to attack those turrets. Some of them as just moving past, ignoring the turrets, and not being emped.

Interestingly enough, the EMP effect is not actually caused by the turrets - it's caused by the Aeon ACU. Where it moves, it stuns everything within it's yellow-circle range (Don't know what's called, but it's the outermost circle)

The hives upgrade at different rates, and go through multiple upgrade cycles - and then you click them and they're still just the unupgraded version. I think they may have the same issue as the extractors, where there are multiple buildings on top of each-other.

I quit the game - no point, but I hope that this is helpful for anyone who may wish to get this mod into working order.
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Re: 4th Dimension Issues While Playing Survival

Postby DDDX » 10 Mar 2019, 10:40

when the ACU starts with all engineering upgrades available, that mean staht their _script.lua file got corrupted by the mod and did not load propperly - the code got "stuck" on a bad line and everything under that line did not load, the script stopped executing.
What you need to do is go to C/program data/FAForever/logs and open the game log and scroll through all of the "WARNING..." messages and you will see that certain units have errors loading scripts, for an acu it would look like something like this ...ual0001_script.lua -this is an Aeon ACU,

Why exactly a mod would be incompatibe with a survival map and not with other maps - i do not know, there should not be anything in a survivals that alters basic files like that. However, Entropy wins likes to use his maps for changes that a mod should do, exactly for the reason to make it compatible with other mods, so he probably modified things he should not have :p
Best to ask him about it.
Check out my 2 maps: "Survival_Mayhem&BO_3d_v1" "Survival_Mayhem&BO_3d_RPG"
as well as my mod: "Survival Mayhem&BO balance"
-- let me know of any bugs or issues regarding those 3.
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Re: 4th Dimension Issues While Playing Survival

Postby Resin_Smoker » 10 Mar 2019, 21:25

Its an old mod that was written for FA not FAF. Thus the issues your seeing are likely do to core functions that have been "updated" and pathing that no longer exists.

Behond all that, sure it wouldn't be too hard to port everything over once the needed changes have been identified. However noone will do it as noone wants to be the subject of a flame war. Naturally a mod like this is going to be very controversial and as always someone is goig to be arse-hurt over their perception of balancing.

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Re: 4th Dimension Issues While Playing Survival

Postby D4rkstalker » 15 Mar 2019, 17:23

Here's a "working" version that i'm currently playing with:
I've basically just deleted out the broken hooks, everything seems to work fine. As i have not played 4DC before, idk what units are affected by the deleted hooks.
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