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Re: Unlink STEAM requirement

Postby Defiant » 13 Jan 2019, 01:20

Steam link will retard the community; but, I appreciate there is no good alternative.

How can we accelerate resolving the root problem (and thus no longer require Steam Linking)? This is what we all want. How can I help?
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Re: Unlink STEAM requirement

Postby tatsu » 13 Jan 2019, 23:39

Defiant wrote:How can we accelerate resolving the root problem [...] How can I help?

contributing via patreon and/or becoming a FAF dev yourself are two good ways.
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Re: Unlink STEAM requirement

Postby Geosearchef » 13 Jan 2019, 23:50

Donating won't get you anywhere. FAF has more money than it needs and the rest won't be used on developement. Becoming a FAF dev will only help deltaforge (the patcher) if you have multiple years of experience with Java.
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