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Re: Balance Mod For 1v1 and global

Postby Steel_Panther » 04 Jan 2019, 02:33

Morax wrote:Apofenas, I would not really propose anything too drastically different from what is current. I feel the idea can be explored where certain things like the previous balance is reverted, with the exception that t3 land/ air and exps have a large increase in build time.

Also, when I play 1v1 it's nothing like a team game, so the mindset is different already. I mean, how often do you see mmls in 1v1 anyways? People don't tend to make giant fire bases, but rather opt for shields and defense around a commander to protect against snipes.

In the end, I think nerfing t3 land was a poor move, while the actual problem was easy access to that tier level. Of course, t3 air and exp access needs to be a higher cost - whether that be with time or resources - to help offset the tier 3 land delay.

I don't think any unit in particular is crazy OP in current spare maybe pillars being too cheap.

I'm open to others thoughts on this and appreciate your input, Apofenas.

I agree with a lot of this. I don't think the t3 nerf was too bad, but the better option was probably still increasing hq cost by quite a bit more. This is what I argued for initially. I do like the overcharge nerf, but for team games it is still op. Having to get one or two extra storages is barely an issue, and the higher energy cost for overcharging t2 and t3 units is not that big of a deal at that stage in the game either. So rambo acus are still very powerful in most team games since you usually have only one or two small lanes to cover and can overcharge all t2 units into oblivion for very cheap. The t3 nerf also substantially increases rambo acu relevancy in team games since t3 units are less of a threat. Plus, the fact that they are not overkilled and leave a lot more reclaim further benefits using the acu anytime you repel a push or make any ground (but this could be a detriment if you lose ground). So the biggest reason that people STILL skip most t2 units (op rambo acu), was not actually fixed; At least for team games. The acu is only slightly nerfed vs t2, and basically not at all, or perhaps even relatively stronger now vs t3. In 1v1 games you just send higher tier units away from the acu and so it's a different story.

I'm not sure if pillars are too strong/cheap or if parashields are. Parashields are strong because they counter overcharging rambo acus well.

I think it would be best to try to have a single balance that works well for both teamgames and 1v1, but the problem might be that most popular team game maps are 10v10, which just isn't big enough to require players to cover enough ground that units can easily avoid a rambo acu, so maybe that will always be the case. 20x20 maps apparently are just too long and laggy for most people to enjoy. So...I think you have to nerf the rambo acu, but it might not be very compatible with 1v1 style play, because it is not op there.
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Re: Balance Mod For 1v1 and global

Postby biass » 04 Jan 2019, 05:11

Steel_Panther wrote:So rambo acus are still very powerful in most team games since you usually have only one or two small lanes to cover and can overcharge all t2 units into oblivion for very cheap.

B-b-but at least it isn't that terrible terrible gap map, because that's only one lane haha r-r-right g-guys..?
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Re: Balance Mod For 1v1 and global

Postby Morax » 06 Jan 2019, 00:30

Apofenas, pay attention to the language: you don't see mmls AS OFTEN as in team games. I would really kind of question how your games go since in 1v1 you can just send units around a fire base, which kind of makes the units much less purposeful.

I'm sorry, but team games and 1v1 play very, very differently. At the base, the same thing happens where players eco and upgrade to higher tiers; however, for differences lie where nukes, t3 air, and exps are much less seen than a typical team game where 98%+ involve t3 air and nukes.
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Re: Balance Mod For 1v1 and global

Postby 5cript » 25 Feb 2019, 13:42

Dont you peeps think that bifurcating the balance ruins your feel for things?
Developing two different balance intuitions cannot be anything but confusing.
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