The old Expcruiser naval addon pack.

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The old Expcruiser naval addon pack.

Postby harry5518 » 12 Aug 2018, 14:09

This is a modified version of the old expcruiser naval addon pack with some additional units copied from olds i had forgotten long about a long time ago. It contains mostly extra naval units and experimentals like dreadnoughts. I do not claim ownership but i would hate this personal mod that has been sitting on my computer for years to be deleted or abandoned so i am uploading it for all of you guys to tinker around around with and if possible modify it to make it playable with no missing icons as it does not seem to like being enabled with other mods and causing missing icons to show up in other mods.

It is available in the mod area of the vault. "Harryvk21s Naval Pack".
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