I create broken mod - what did I do wrong?

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I create broken mod - what did I do wrong?

Postby sova25 » 14 Jun 2018, 20:26

I have created a small mod yet. he's adding a new unit. but when you start the game with this mod is first splash screen download, and then gradually appears black screen. judging by the sounds-the game works and the match goes, the console and cheats work. What did I do wrong that mod is now so responsive? all files I uploaded below.
Sorry for bad english. :?
Wailer CHAOS.zip
Unit model in ZIP file (Created in Blender)
(147.78 KiB) Downloaded 37 times
Mod in ZIP file.
(508.61 KiB) Downloaded 47 times
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Re: I create broken mod - what did I do wrong?

Postby Uveso » 15 Jun 2018, 06:29

Hello sova25,

i fixed the weapon names, filepath and weaponclasses.

I also had to remove the monkey lord laser. It's a turret weapon and needs turret animation bones.

(503.64 KiB) Downloaded 43 times
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