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Re: Council Appreciation

Postby Downlord » 13 Jun 2018, 10:38

These are developer related news posts of 2018 made by people you didn't mention ;)

- ... te-v0-9-13
- ... ver-update
- ... oop-update
- ... r-incident

And finally, there is a wiki page listing all council members, So while it's not exactly "hard to figure out" I agree that the visibility and up-to-date-ness could be improved. As a matter of fact, someone already drew an organigram and brutus proposed a technical solution.
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Re: Council Appreciation

Postby Anihilnine » 13 Jun 2018, 11:37

Well done ftx for a decent turn around.

Well done councilors for giving a second chance.

The internet needs more of this.
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Re: Council Appreciation

Postby keyser » 13 Jun 2018, 12:31

would need some more updating though
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Re: Council Appreciation

Postby Wise Old Dog » 13 Jun 2018, 19:54

With everyone here making some good points here, I do want to add that contributing to FAF doesn't require the same effort or quality production that can be expected from some of the other members here in our community, there are plenty ways that anyone with little experience and time can still make a difference; many need that appreciation even should their work be overlooked.

If the "last PC election" mentioned might be suggesting the one with Tokyto becoming PC, it's worth mentioning that those candidates did not necessarily "disappear" when their shot for PC didn't work out. biass has been a personal trainer and map maker for a long time, and has been as vocal as FTX has been on the forums and whatnot, it should even be mentioned that this is his second run for PC, and has tried for M&M councilor too! I know that Gieb has done some work on the side, notably being a moderator both on the client and on the discord. I am aware that Evildrew has his own balance mod that he has been consistently working to keep up to date, so it may not all be the most prevalent work out there, but it is contribution nonetheless.

We could certainly do with aiming this message toward the overall landscape of our community, as we are seeing a great influence stemming from the recent efforts of the Map and Mods team to encourage cooperation and help for map/mods creators. Contributors like personal trainers, map/mod creators, and tournament hosts, could use some of that support, as we should be opening avenues to let the community know there are plenty ways to give back than just "development", changing that attitude towards contribution would be a major step in establishing this message. :)
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