running on linux |uncaught exception [SOLVED]

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running on linux |uncaught exception

Postby artur453 » 04 Jun 2018, 23:49

I followed this instruction to install Faf:
when i click on game i get "FA has failed to start " and then"uncauht exception! "
this window contain:
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Code: Select all
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/Games/client-0.16.1/src/games/", line 276, in gameDoubleClicked
  File "/home/Games/client-0.16.1/src/client/", line 1270, in join_game
  File "/home/Games/client-0.16.1/src/fa/", line 90, in listen
    assert self.state == GameSessionState.OFF

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// /home/Games folder contain client-0.16.1 folder
i can sure that SU:Fa on PoL installed correctly

What i can do with this?
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Re: running on linux |uncaught exception

Postby Wesmania » 05 Jun 2018, 00:50

It sounds like you didn't setup your client to use wine correctly. Check the 'Client setup' section at ... _FAF_Linux. Also test if you can run the ForgedAlliance.exe at ~/FAForever/bin with your wine. The exception is a long-standing bug that I ought to fix, but it's harmless.
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Re: running on linux |uncaught exception  [SOLVED]

Postby artur453 » 12 Jun 2018, 00:06

I many times reinstall client and SU:FA,and wine(PoL) and Googling
i understand problem in instruction :
"cmd_prefix=primusrun <- prefix the program start for something like switchable graphics"
primus -techonology to run some on nvidia videocart,if it nvidia+intel pc(mostly notebooks)
that`s not for all users!!!PLS fix it //in my case all graphic runs by nvidia
when i eraserd "cmd_prefix=primusrun" from config file,i understand that`s i many times installed all correctly and get ...
Supreme commander famous error connected with mesh.fx ... n&iId=9728

p.s and fix client (version)/src/util/ 104 line
PERSONAL_DIR.encode("ascii") i manualy need change to PERSONAL_DIR.encode("utf-8")
p.p.s sorry for my bad english
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