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Postby Franck83 » 13 Jan 2019, 14:57

V.128-129 :

Big balance changes to make Alliance of Heroes more tactical :

- Weapon and power capacitor from heroes now need energy to regen ! So a power snipe can incapacitate your heroes DPS and powers !
- Heroes are much stronger at higher level which gives veterancy more value.
- Defense rating gives more dodge when the unit is targeted by several opponents. Only 25% of each unit attack rating is stacked when a group targets one unit (instead of 100% before).
- Weapon powers efficiency are dynamic and depending on puissance ability.
- Cold beam dps is increased and relies on SACU type.

I know that it will change the way Alliance of Heroes is played, but it will be a good thing that finally all relies on vanilla resources type (mass and energy).
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