Nice Mod! One of my Favs! Some feedback however.

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Nice Mod! One of my Favs! Some feedback however.

Postby Goldy3 » 03 Jun 2014, 23:49

This is one of the top mods out there, clearly the artists have a great love for SupCom (as we all do) yet I feel this mod is not without it's criticisms. (they're minor ones, bare with me)

To start I want to give praise to the amount of work that was done on the custom models, they all fit quite nicely with their respected factions motifs (Cybran tanks look like they belong with Cybran) yet, in the same breadth I do feel some of the units are over designed and that kind of removes the distinguishing features that help from telling each unit apart. I feel that perhaps, less detail for units in the future, but more ways to distinguish TM units from other TM units would help. Especially if there from the same unit type such as Tanks.

Also, I feel that there needs to be some work on textures, some of the textures seem "faded" and "stretched out". When compared to say vanilla units (or even Blackops). The textures for the vanilla and Blackops are bolded and defined while TM units seem, like I said, seem faded and stretched out.
for example the UEF have a T3 unit called "Rocket Battery". It's most distinguishing feature "The Rocket Pod" has a stretched out texture on the Pods themselves, which do make it unappealing. I think some touching up in this area could make for a better experience.

Also, units themselves don't have a lot of descriptions on what they do. For example: a TM unit that is T1 will just have the description "Medium Tank" and nothing else. This is should be changed as these are new and interesting units there should be a description on what the unit is capable of as well as a minimal hint on how to use it effectively. This adds flavor and a general better experience.

Also, side note: Unit weapon database needs a better description as well as general cleaning up, reading "Gauss Cannon" on every unit and reading units that have 200 range yet zero damage. General cleaning up of the weapons database should be considered.

Basically, what this mod needs is refinement. It's already amazing, but it needs refinement.

Overall, I do love this mod, I activate it all the time whenever I play. In fact, I play with this mod on and Blackops mod at the same time because it's just amazing. However though, I do feel that Blackops is the better mod because it's more refined. But like I said I activate this mod all the time because it's just pure awesome. So thanks for the mod!
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Re: Nice Mod! One of my Favs! Some feedback however.

Postby CrytumProduction » 03 Apr 2015, 00:18

Well i agree,
it is one of the top mods. Currently it is competing with Black op´s about my nr 1 mod.
Blackops is more balanced and refined but Total Mayhem has a lot i mea a lot of new stuff.
Even smoe of the new experimentals are not really balanced eg.: the Aeon Flying fortress - it is still a great mod for a fum mp game.
i mostly tend to activete both just so i dont have to decide wich one is more epic ;)
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