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Re: Map Editor FAQ

Postby Exotic_Retard » 14 Aug 2017, 21:22

watermelon wrote:I updated the Map Editing Tools page the make the installation process easier to understand.

i just wanted to say that i patrol the wiki edits, and goddamn its nice to see some man put edit descriptions in. you sir are a hero, thank you.
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Re: Map Editor FAQ

Postby watermelon » 15 Aug 2017, 12:59

Thanks man and you're welcome :)
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Re: Map Editor FAQ

Postby Ziggurat » 22 Feb 2018, 19:39

I have a problem. When I try to open a file(Prothyon16_DEMO_scenario.lua), i see "scenario no loaded".
I can create a new map and open it.
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Re: Map Editor FAQ

Postby vase_72 » 03 Mar 2018, 19:51

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Re: Map Editor FAQ

Postby TazzyUK » 26 Jun 2018, 03:14

Ok, (I've copied all the files as required, running SC Map Editor from Supcom Bin folder, running as admin, etc etc)
Just out of curiosity, why when i try to run the SC Map editor, the SC Editor program loads up ? (which is another exe in the BIN folder)
This first...

Then goes black

Then when I choose open, it's looking for *_scenario.lua' files with no option to change to anything else.


and when i choose a standard vanilla file from the vanilla maps folder in Supcom 'SCCA_A01_scenario.lua' (as it's only letting me show & select them),
I get this...

I haven't copied any forged alliance files over yet as i just wanted to see if the editor works ok (and i did do that too with same results)

I am using the Steam version BTW & Windows 10 64
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Re: Map Editor FAQ

Postby ozonex » 26 Jun 2018, 04:24

Some time ago I tested how to run editor from clean steam installation (fix local files through steam you you are not sure)

These are the steps I made:
- Just installed fresh Supreme Commander from steam on fresh system
- Downloaded map editing tools from here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3026
- Copy/pasted files from Map Editing Tools/gamedata to Supreme Commander/gamedata
- Copy/pasted files from Map Editing Tools/bin to Supreme Commander/bin but skip existing files!!! Not sure if we can replace them, but it can broke something
- Run Supreme Commander/bin/Supcom Map Editor.exe and it just works for me. Remember that FA maps will not work in it
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Re: Map Editor FAQ

Postby TazzyUK » 26 Jun 2018, 04:51

Thankyou 'ozonex', appreciate your reply.
I did prety much most of that as my Supcom wasnt even installed so that was installed today. Copied the files as you mentioned but I did not skip existing files when copying from 'Map editing tools' so that maybe my issue.
Also on my second attempt, I didn't copy anything from the FA folders as mentioned in the readme as I just wanted to see if the editor worked okay with just supcom and it's own luck.
First time round i did copy files from FA as mentioned in the readme ...
"In addition to able place units and textures from Forged alliance in editor you have to copy some files from Forged Alliance installation folder.
C:\Program Files (x86)\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance\gamedata

Copy these files:

into Supreme Commander gamedata folder
and still no joy but may have more luck in trying again. When on the 2nd attempt, I only tried to load supcom maps only with no FA files copied over..
So my query about why the SC Editor that infact the map editor' ? I thought it was a 'scenario' editor. Excuse my naviety. Im familiar with graphics etc and have played SUpcom & Fa for many years (and T.A.)

BTW Ozonex, your FA Forever Map Editor looks slick as hell, really looking forward to seeing the development of that editor, looks great.
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