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Temporary fix

Postby Apofenas » 10 Jan 2018, 08:28


Since mod is not under development at the moment i released a mod to fix balance issues untill CookieNoob is back.
You can find "Nomad fix" in the vault.

V4 changelog

1) All Radar and Sonar ranges adjusted to standard factions' values.
2) T2/T3 mass fab values adjusted to current balance.
3) T1maa/arty adjusted to current balance. No longer crap at taking out PDs.
--Damage 100->150 (DPS ~33->50)
4) T1 tank hunter reworked to be sniper-Aurora analogue.
--Anchor ability removed
--Range 23/30->26
5) T2 hover tank buffed
6) T2 heavy tank buffed
--Range 20->23
7) T3 hover tank got back its hover ability untill some balance terrorist known on fixing stuff finds a non-broken model for amphibious version concept.
8) SCU
--can now build all structures without engineer upgrades
--Build power 15->10
--Build range 10
--RAS buffed (Cost 4500m, 90000e; Income 10m, 1000e)
--Presets reworked: Producer has only RAS; Amphibious and Anti-Naval have Speed replaced with Power Armor
--Rocket SCU upgrade buffed (better missile projectile, range 50->75, firing randomness 1->1.5, aoe 1.5->2, amount 4->6, damage 75->100)
--Torp upgrade buffed 400->800 dmg(133->266 DPS); range 50->60
9) T1 transport buff
--Cost 4800->4000e; 120->80m
10) T2 shield range 27->25
11) T2 stealth shield
--Shield HP 8k->9k
--Shield and stealth range 27->30
12) T3 shield
--Cost 2800->2000m
--Range 42->40
13) T3 stealth shield
--Cost 400->800
--Shield HP 14k->18k
--Range 42->46
14) EMP tank buffed
--Range 35->40
--Health 3k->1k
15) T3 sub nerfed
--Cost 4800->5000m; 36000->50000e;
--Health 6k->4k
--DPS 240->300
16) T3 heavy destroyer gut buffed
--Damage 400->200, Reload 5->2sec; DPS 480->600; range 100->128;
17) T4 MML
-- missiles no longer track targets
--long range missiles: range 175->200; amount 6->12; damage 1000->500
--short range missiles: range 100->150;
18) T2 cruiser
--missile doesnt track anymore;
--damage 250->500, reload 4->1 sec; range 100->150 (500 DPS);
19) T2 arty
--Initial damage 500->1000;
--DoT damage 50->100;

Thanks to Exotic_Retard for a help. For once something is fixed somewhere not in Equilibrium.
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