AI-Swarm (V13). AI Mod For FAForever

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AI-Swarm (V13). AI Mod For FAForever

Postby Azraeel » 17 Sep 2019, 00:34


AI-Swarm Only For <FAF> V13
Downloadable From Vault: AI-Swarm


2 New Sub AI's:

-AI: Swarm Terror : Extremely Fast Teching, Aggressive, Extremely Adaptive, Insane Late Game AI, Eco Monster.
-AIx: Test : For Testing Purposes :)

Requires AI-Uveso

Features With Original Swarm Mod: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=17965

[New] New Platoons
[Redone] Platoons (Land, Air, Not Navy Yet)
[Redone] Size Of Platoons
[Redone] Teching For The AI... AI Will Now Tech More Efficiently
[New] Scouting AI For Swarm (Dont Use Omni Cheat For The AI)
[New] Micro Ability For AI (Swarm Will Micro, Its Air)
[Improved] Attack Choices for AI
[Improved] Pathfinding
[New] Platoons Such As Drop Platoons
[New] The AI Will Now Adapt To Where You Attack and Respond Accordingly
[Improved] AI Will Assess Threats Better (Part of new Scouting AI)
[Fix] Fixed AI Not Upgrading Shield. Swarm Will Now Upgrade Shields.
[New] AI Will Use Its Commander To Fight
[New] AI Will Build Well Defended Expansions (T2, T3 PD and Shields.)
[Improved] AI Reaction Is Now Quicker
[Improved] AIBuilders (Base Will Be Built A Tiny Bit Better)
[New] AI Will Try To Cover Its Entire Area Of The Map Meaning It'll Move Its Units According To Defend, Attack, or Hold A Area
[New] AI Will Scale Its Economy
[Improved] Improved Air Platoons And Templates
[Improved] Increased Scouting Platoon Priority (AI Will Scout More Often)
[New] Added A Shield Assist Priority (AI Will Assist Shields When Needed)
[New] Added AiBuilders For TML

Features with AI-Swarm:

[New] Currently Working On New Platoons and Fixing Platoons In Current and Future Updates
[Added] New AIBuilders and Platoons Contributed By @Uveso
[Fixed] A Few Errors in Expansions
[Fixed] More Defenses in Expansions Now.
[Added] New Platoon For Air Fighters, Hopefully You'll See More Competitive Plays for Air Control By Swarm
[New] New Land Platoons
[New] New Air Platoons
[Fix] T1 Artillery Spam, FINALLY
[Fix] AA Spam Tuned Down a Little
[Fix] Removed Old AIBehaviors.lua
[Fix] More Land Factories and defenses on expansions

Updates will be Posted On This Forums and the AI Development Server!!


AI Development Discord Server
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Re: AI-Swarm (V13). AI Mod For FAForever

Postby Morax » 03 Dec 2019, 19:41

This is a nice general summary, but do you have any quantifiable, possibly video / replay demos, that show what this means:

Base Will Be Built A Tiny Bit Better)

For example, can you show or describe in detail why this base build is better when compared to other AIs?

I'm trying to find ways to promote this AI, yet every time I discuss it uses vague terms like "improved, " "better," etc..

Let me know!
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