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Re: AI-Uveso (v73). AI mod for FAForever

Postby relent0r » 24 Sep 2019, 21:36

Uveso wrote:
relent0r wrote:Hey Uveso,

Did you make any changes to the ACU priorities in the last update? Noticing the ACU's are more inclined to walk into turrets until dead where as previously they would retreat within a safe time frame.

I did not change the ACU attack function, but i will take a look at it.

Strange, could have been map specific or the ACU thinking it was a base attack.
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Re: AI-Uveso (v73). AI mod for FAForever

Postby swaaye » 02 Oct 2019, 21:29


Your AI is a very entertaining adversary! I've been testing it a bit myself, watching it beat Sorian AIx Turtle, and have played a online game against Overwhelm with a friend last night. Lots of fun! I loved seeing the AI nuke an experimental group!

Do the Adaptive and Overwhelm AIs still differ in their nuking as I saw in some older posts? Overwhelm did send some nukes but I feel like it was less than 10 total. On the other hand it is totally crazy about its airforce! Which is cool and very effective.

This was on Adaptive Ahssa-Shi (because I saw you recommend that map for AI use and it's fun in general).
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Re: AI-Uveso (v73). AI mod for FAForever

Postby Uveso » 03 Oct 2019, 09:22

Hello swaaye,

I am glad you like my AI.

The adaptive and overwhelm AI are almost the same, exept that the overwhelm can change the cheat+build factor.
Both AI can build up to 8 nuke launchers.

But only the adaptive AI can building up to 25 launchers in case a paragon is present.
The Overwhelm is not allowed to build so much nukes because the higher buildfactor also builds faster nuke missiles.
And you will not survive 25 nuke launchers that can build missiles 3 times faster then you. ( at least i can't :D )

The map Adaptive Ahssa-Shi is from svenni_badbwoi. You should also try his map "ADAPTIVE MARS - MANGALA FOSSA"
Here are some more maps from him:

Just in case you don't know it, my AI has a automatic AI path marker generator.
It can build AI marker on 95% of all 5x5 and 10x10 maps.
So you can basically use almost every map in the vault with my AI. (also naval maps)
(you can enable the markergenerator in the game lobby -> AI options)

Greetings, Uveso.

PS: If you want to know more about our AIs, join us here:

AI Development Discord Server (AI-Swarm / AI-Uveso)
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