Fort Clarke Assault

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Re: Fort Clarke Assault

Postby Ecthelon » 09 Jul 2018, 18:04

Thanks man. Very helpful.
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Re: Fort Clarke Assault

Postby SirMark9 » 25 Jan 2019, 06:49


I would like to play this mission with "Timed Expansions: Off." When I attempted to play the mission with the option set, the map expanded anyways.

When I looked up the script files, I don't think Fort Clarke Assault reads the scenario option into the map. For example, the X1CA mission (Black Day) has the following code...

Code: Select all
local ExpansionTimer = ScenarioInfo.Options.Expansion

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    if ExpansionTimer then
        -- Expand the map even if the objective isn't finished yet
        local delay = {25, 20, 15}
        ScenarioFramework.CreateTimerTrigger(IntroMission2, delay[Difficulty] * 60)

I assume that the ScenarioInfo.Options.Expansion is the toggle in the menu. Meanwhile, when I looked at Fort Clarke Assault...

Code: Select all
    -- Expand map even if objective isn't finished yet
    local M1MapExpandDelay = {35*60, 30*60, 25*60}
    ScenarioFramework.CreateTimerTrigger(IntroMission2, M1MapExpandDelay[Difficulty])

It does not seem to read the toggle, only the difficulty. If this could be remedied, if I misunderstood something, or if this is intentional, please let me know.

I mainly play single player missions and have cleared Forged Alliance on Hard. I am in the process of replaying the FA missions with the FAF modifications, and I cleared Prothyon 16 if that counts for anything. When I play, sometimes I just want to turtle against overwhelming odds before hitting critical mass and I begin overwhelming the enemy instead.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Fort Clarke Assault

Postby speed2 » 25 Jan 2019, 09:44


Once I have some time and motivation and I can add it.
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