FA Mission 1 - Black Day

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Re: FA Mission 1 - Black Day

Postby speed2 » 06 Jan 2018, 10:45

Can you provide a replay for this?

The subs objective is assigned 30 seconds after the shield objective ends, it can be assigned only before the map expands and only if there's at least 1 submarine alive. All that is intended behaviour.
The idea of the objective is to secure the channel before you move forward, so if you skip it and destroy the bases, there's no point af giving this objective.

It might count as failed cause it was never assigned, not discovered flag is only for bonus objectives. I could tell you more with a replay.

I dont know about changing the trucks count, since its tied with voice overs and would just put more mess there to use different values. Im happy it's working right now.

Fletcher is not suppose to build much more stuff, else he would not need your help at all. He's suppose to be losing, but he's in a good spot to not be losing.
There's trigger for the chickens to attack, I reduced it and then added to build some more to increase the difficulty, but it's still pretty easy if you know what you're doing. And I dont want to send them right away, since than you would really need to know that and be prepared for it before the map expands.
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Re: FA Mission 1 - Black Day

Postby Idontknowman » 10 Jan 2018, 12:10

Replay: trucks
-full playthrough of the 1st mission as UEF (taking my time with Gari), showing pretty well the issue with the remaining trucks which I had to bump to the city center with my Commander because the objective was completed while trucks remained and thus the command button to issue the move order was no longer available

I suppose a replay for this is pointless as when it's assigned, not assigned and removed is just script design and nothing the player can influence by gameplay. For testing how that one shows up after the mission I'd just cheaply edit the mission script to instantly win the mission seconds after starting it to see how the objective is listed if it was never assigned to the player.

I realize the subs objective functions as in the original FA mission design. I merely think faforever can do better to avoid the mentioned flaws.
There's that time span between making it on planet and before the initial construction is done that'd imo be ideal to assign the "destroy the subs" objective rather than tying shield and subs to another while each has nothing in common with another, as that may actually cause the player to pointlessly miss out on the objective.

I'm not a fan of "need to know of something in advance and prepare for it before t actually happens" mission design either. I just thought he'd build at least one Fatboy at some point as it's the classical UEF unit to hold the line in a hold the line map as it's also able to produce units and yet it's absent on a map where it could shine.

Also I feel like difficulty settings should really alter the gameplay of the missions to increase their replay value and to enable players to pick what they want to experience in a match.
Easy should be for people that are new to the game or want to introduce others to the game: no T3 bombers / artillery / battleships for the AI, no experimentals, no nukes, smaller groups being sent out, maybe even extra mass nodes for the player to claim that don't exist on other difficulty settings, no automatic map expansion. The players picking this should get all the time in the world to be able to explore and explain the map and gameplay.

Normal should be the regular mission design the map designer envisioned without any extra easy / extra hard scripts being used.

Hard should require everything at the player's disposal and have an enemy that actually advances towards the player, uses siege units (and structures), fortifies important areas, builds experimentals, launches nukes and doesn't just wait for the player to build up and come over. Maybe a change of initially installed components on the ACU would be required at some point get the battle started better than that's currently the case with just T1 and no upgrades.

I suppose such an approach would not only require extra work and testing but also to split up the missions to be listed as original FA missions and Faforever versions of the FA missions.
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Re: FA Mission 1 - Black Day

Postby Idontknowman » 02 Feb 2018, 05:06

Minor issue with the "defeat the Order Commander" objective:
The HQ does the "Are you waiting for an invitation or something ?" nag related to destroying the Order Commander even after she was destroyed (I assume it's because the trigger to destroy all of her units doesn't include walls, so the walls remain and are counted as Order Commander units that are alive, making the script think the Order Commander is still in the game while actually already defeated), causing the pointless nag message.

...or the script's timer just wasn't disabled / removed after the Order Commander was defeated.
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