Some thoughts about veterancy

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Re: Some thoughts about veterancy

Postby biass » 04 Mar 2018, 14:07

The recent balance patch has changed the range numbers, FtX is correct here and you should read up on the said patch notes before continuing.

5 range is indeed that big of a deal when considering units that have one shot kill weapons on units as soon as they enter range, FtX is not dramatising his response, and i doubt you've considered enemy Harbs, Othuum, or lesser bots such as titans and loyalists. Or, as FtX is trying to say, the colossal range difference in lower tech levels. ACU vs ACU fights are already a gamble when it comes to guns with different ranges (because you have to pull some moves to escape a fight) and further improving the sole advantage of the best gun is not helping that fragile balance.

Cyborg16 wrote:I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea,

Then don't propose it, explain your ideas with confidence if you ever want them to be considered.
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Re: Some thoughts about veterancy

Postby Franck83 » 04 Mar 2018, 14:35

Range bonuses give a huge advantage and this is not direct linked to veterancy. Why veterancy should give range ? range must be linked to upgrades not veterancy.
Veterancy may give : HP, HP regen, DPS, Accuracy, Dodging, acceleration.

Since there is no accuracy or dodging implemented to FAF, the current only way to reward veterancy is HP, regen, DPS, maybe some accel bonuses.
In my mod, over normal range is reducing accuracy. And veteran units are harder to be hit and hit harder. It s a relative system depending of units level and is close to real life veterancy.
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Re: Some thoughts about veterancy

Postby Plasma_Wolf » 04 Mar 2018, 18:05

Accuracy and dodging are very much implemented in FAF. The entire game is working with physics (weird-ass physics in some cases but that doesn't matter). You can dodge with your units and units can miss their target.

In addition to that, indirect fire units have a randomness added, and some longer range units have that as well (sniper bots and I think auroras have it too).

Veterancy has been nerfed over the past. First with the removal of the direct HP boosts (this is not necessarily bad), then with an ill-thought out change from unit kills to mass kills (there was no consideration as to which unit would need to do a LOT more work to get the veterancy and which unit didn't). As a result, experimentals are weaker against everything.

Especially air experimentals are gimped because they used to still work with some air in the game and not be a total waste of mass with a lot of air in the game. Now you should be lucky if your air experimental can make a mark in the game if there's some enemy air, and if there's a lot of air (not necessarily air control by your opponent) then your experimental is mass storage you should ctrl+k and reclaim for artillery.
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Re: Some thoughts about veterancy

Postby FtXCommando » 04 Mar 2018, 22:21

Cyborg16 wrote:But mostly I'm just saying that FtXCommando is over dramatising and has poor reasoning :lol:

Try to develop a sense of self-awareness.

Cyborg16 wrote:I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea


Cyborg16 wrote:According to the unit DB, Brick and Harb ranges are 35 and 28. If Aeon upgraded gun range were reduced to say 32, max range with vet would be 37 with a bonus of 1-per-vet. Alternatively the range boosts could be reduced to maybe 2/3, or if fractional ranges are not allowed, not boost at every vet level (I'm assuming range might not be the only boost from vet).

Do try to stay up to date with the balance changes before making nonsensical ideas. Also, don’t make yourself look like a dumbass by claiming others have poor reasoning when you don’t even know the right numbers.

I see you’re back to the greatest balance argument.

“i want this change”

“here is how this change will negatively affect the game”

“lmao u r retard just change these three other things so then my change works balance is easy lmaaoooooo. Poor reasoning LUL.”
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