Is TML op?

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Re: Is TML op?

Postby Evildrew » 19 Jan 2018, 17:23

AdmiralZeech wrote:
Farmsletje wrote:I'd say even with the tml launcher hp being halved to 750 hp the net mass balance after air sniping it will still be about even, plus you still would've had time to load and fire some tml's

I won't dispute anything you say, since I'm not playing much these days.

But you seem to talking about the scenario where only one side builds TMLs. What if TMLs were as mandatory as tanks and mexes? What happens when both sides are definitely getting them? And rather than trying to kill it with units, they're sniping each other's mexes and TMLs with their own TMLs?

Admiral, some people prefer to place blame on anything else than their poor choice of decisions. This is why we have an ideology based "balance" team that made t1 spam pretty much immune to air units with t1 maa getting 5 star vet on less than a handful of kills with new vet system and are essentially OP vs scouts and bombers. Even T2 gunships melt to them which is ridiculous... Too many bad decisions that were not thought through have create more problems but the "anything i lose to is because of balance" attitude never changes. The counter tml with tml strategy is viable but some people think they shouldnt need to adjust their gameplay to the game in order to win. I cannot imagine any logical-minded person disagreeing with you on that.
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