PD/SAM Overkill issues.

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Re: PD/SAM Overkill issues.

Postby Endranii » 31 Dec 2017, 22:03

CavemanHost wrote:But why am I even talking to you. You are one of those shit talking, pretentious idiots that are pretty much always online in that circle jerking irc chat, acting like their opinions matters more than anyone elses. Just get lost, faggot. "Dedicated ras-guy" just give away all ur stupidty in one phrase.

Breath in slowly through your nose for a count of 4.
Hold your breath for a count of 4.
Breath out through your mouth for a count of 4.
Hold for a count of 4.

And repeat few times. You ok now? Ok so let's talk.

In an ideal situation maybe, but in actual game the first shots of the flak don't hit, but the broadsword shots don't miss.

Ok, add 2 more sec to the first dead broadsword. Doesn't change the fact they are still dead.

20 inties dont do shits against t3 gunships and team mates that are supporting thos gunships with their own air and parallel pushes.

So are you actually playing a 1v4 and you are the pro in this setup or you were so cancerous to your team they just ignored you? Cuz' I'm more than sure someone should have some kind of air on your sides to actually support. If not, well deal with the fact that you have shit team instead of blaming the balance.

This happend multiple times, very early in a game, I'm talking about early t2 land stage.

So you playing a 1v4 or your team is simply bad? I mean if your enemy have tanks to push everywhere on other positions, they have air to support the gunship push and what's more they even have the gunships... then something went wrong not with balance but with the way the game got stacked multiple times.

Tell me how u insta-spam 12 t2 mobile flaks while still playing against ur opponent.

Oh so you actually have a team? Well better reclaim their mexes asap for mass needed for flak all over the map. kappa.
But well scout and adapt. Ping the hell out of your team if you see something that will lose the game for you if you don't react as a whole team.
Or maybe just make sure you are dictating the flow of the game not your enemies.

The enemy air player can get those t3 gunshipts on t2 power while getting pumped e from the team

Oh my is that a teamplay? Is that truly the mythical creature that you only see in the enemy team but never in yours?
Well maybe for starters try communicating with your own team and try to achieve synergy with teammates so you actually be the ones in possession of that mythical creature known as teamplay? And then use it to utterly wreck you own enemies?

The whole point of this strategy is to get them early and unnoticed.

Well seems like it depends either on being real good at catching all the scouts over the map or simply the enemy being dumb enough not to scout.
Feel free to pick the scenario that happened in your games.

I still couldn't protect myself with enough t2 flak despite reacting instantly, when I scouted the air players base and saw that he already had 2 of those 3 gunships.

That's kinda late don't you think? Kinda like scouting a ML being built on 90% just in the front of your acu and then deciding that GC is the proper way to counter it. Shame that the ML was finished when GC was at 5%... But hey I reacted! This should counter the ML push! Shouldn't it? I mean I scouted it and started making a GC as counter?!
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Re: PD/SAM Overkill issues.

Postby biass » 01 Jan 2018, 04:06

what did i miss here (͡งo‿O͡)ง
expecting to 1v1 in a teamgame and not be attacked by another player from the enemy team is what is keeping u down
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Re: PD/SAM Overkill issues.

Postby TheKoopa » 01 Jan 2018, 04:37

If only there was a unit that allowed you to see everything your opponent is doing

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