Why is the Aeon a broken faction?

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Re: Why is the Aeon a broken faction?

Postby FtXCommando » 17 Nov 2017, 05:36

Muh virtue signal.

If a dude is presented a point-by-point explanation for why his ideas are bad and responds with "well, that's just your opinion my guy" then the conversation is already over. Thread should have been locked then when it was obvious no actual conversation was going to be had and that it would degrade to shitposts because no real effort content would ever breach the OP.

PS: Take your own advice and stay out of threads if you have nothing on topic to contribute except for vague holier-than-thou statements.
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Re: Why is the Aeon a broken faction?

Postby Ars Nova » 17 Nov 2017, 19:38

Your opening salvo was to insult the guy's intelligence. The first page includes a fairly superficial and condescending rebuttal, plus one guy admitting he'd kind of like to see a change to muzzle velocity (only to be ignored for his effort of chiming in). Do you even know what virtue signalling is? I'm not paying lip service to some vague concept, I'm saying that your first instinct, your starting move, was to poison the thread.

Then somebody name drops me like I'm a problem.

Of course they can't just close the thread as soon as they realize your "point-by-point" "explanation" was right and everyone else is wrong. They'd have to read through the first page of insults just to find where the discussion even starts, and after that of course there's going to be an argument with you because your posts were instant jeering and insincerity. It should come as no wonder that OP argued with you and didn't see eye to eye with anything you said. If you make sure that your rhetorical opponent can never back down without losing face, it's pretty likely they'll just never back down.

Frankly OP can't be blamed. He used the forum for its designated purpose, and everything that happened afterward was thanks to the behavior of his supposed betters.
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Re: Why is the Aeon a broken faction?

Postby Farmsletje » 17 Nov 2017, 19:49

Looks like someone didn't have his kebab today *_*
FtXCommando wrote:
need to give him some time to blossom into an aids flower
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Re: Why is the Aeon an overpowered faction?

Postby PhilipJFry » 17 Nov 2017, 19:52

How about nerfing the aurora gun range to make them less op against other t1 units, nerf the aeon maa by at least 50% (so it's about as weak as sera), giving the obsidian less HP and alpha dmg cause it's too good, reduce the insane muzzle velocity of the aa gun of the cruiser, less torpedo dmg for the destroyer, less range for the sniper bot? Aeon land is fucking op and the t2 navy is so strong it beats t3 battlecruiser with mobile shield support. This way the aeon units make sense in more than a singularity strategical abusage and players will choose this faction again without being called cowards.
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Re: Why is the Aeon a broken faction?

Postby JoonasTo » 17 Nov 2017, 22:07

The Aeon destroyer torps are so fucking bad, why can't they target surface units T_T
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Re: Why is the Aeon a broken faction?

Postby zeroAPM » 17 Nov 2017, 23:50

JoonasTo wrote:The Aeon destroyer torps are so fucking bad, why can't they target surface units T_T

Off topic but i'd love for the UEF destroyer to have it's torps replaced with short ranged anti sub (and anti surface) mortar volley.
And yes, anti sub mortar
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Re: Why is the Aeon a broken faction?

Postby keyser » 18 Nov 2017, 01:12

The Aeon destroyer torps are so fucking bad, why can't they target surface units T_T

not sure if trolling or not. But here are the facts :
they do 75 dps damage against surfaced ship (and submerged) with their torpedoes (cybran is 100, sera is 160)
on top of that they have depth charge vs all subs : that deal 106 dps to submerge unit. Depth charge can't be stopped by torpedo defense.
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