Nerf nuke assisting

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Re: Nerf nuke assisting

Postby ABSTRACT » 31 Oct 2017, 19:20

Ok, a fully upgraded hive can reduce the buildtime for a strategic missile by 6,5%. That sounds like a lot, but you have to admit that upgraded hives have an epic buildrate (75). So.. I dont think the problem is the relationship between buildrate and buildtime in general.

In my experience, the much more bigger problem on maps like dual gap is the lack of knowledge about basic gameplay mechanics.

1. Silly placement of smd (in the middle of your base, or 2 smd in the explosion radius of 1 nuke)
2. 0 scouting.
3. bad teamwork.

You have enough time to recognize what he is doing if you scout frequently, and you have enough time to react if you scouted frequently. Rushing a nuke with hives needs a lot of preparation.
If you see him building a sml while he has 15 hives, you should have up to 3,6 min before the nuke is launched + the time it needs to fly to you. So 2 player on your side should build a smd and put some engies on it (preventing the case the nuke takes out one smd).

☑ Balanced for dual gap
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Re: Nerf nuke assisting

Postby Farmsletje » 01 Nov 2017, 04:50

DeadMG wrote:
So change it to

☑ Balanced for dual gap
☑ Balanced for every other 20x20 map

Sure. Let me make a 1v1 5x5 map with water/small islands everywhere and unable to fit a naval factory on the water. I will call it: Fobo Heaven.

☒ Balanced for Fobo Heaven
☑ Balanced for every other 5x5 map

Let's nerf the shit out of fobo's so they are balanced on this epic 5x5 map!
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need to give him some time to blossom into an aids flower
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Re: Nerf nuke assisting

Postby Exotic_Retard » 01 Nov 2017, 12:21

i blame Heaven for allowing this :3
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Re: Nerf nuke assisting

Postby lapantouflemagic » 01 Dec 2017, 18:52

interesting topic, i don't really think is should be nerfed for gameplay reasons, but this rises a problem that have been bugging me for ever with sup com in general.

i understand that assisting is an important mechanic, but deep down, it really makes no sense. I remember the time when the best ratio of build power to factories was the T1 engy, so rather than making many factories, people made just one, and assisted it like crazy with a fuckton of T1 engy.

gameplay-wise, whatever, why not, go for the most efficient solution. but if you think about it, it means that in the end, the T1 engies actually do all the building work... so why have goddamn factories in the first place ? just have your T1 engy build your planes on the grass or whatever, tech levels makes no sense in this system, your ACU could as well build the engies on the floor too, no factories ever needed.

so for nukes...well, it's kind of the same issue, if kennels are going to do all the work, why bother building the nuclear silo ? i don't know, build directly the missile in the open and here we go, who cares...

so, yeah, i'm not so much in favor of assisting for certain things, actually most things except buildings. the primary role of engy is to create buildings right ? it makes sense for them to be able to cooperate to build a structure faster, or an experimental (almost a building anyway), but for T1 engy to be able to build a nuke ? that makes no sense to me, plus really, i would say that some things are supposed to take time.
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