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Postby lapantouflemagic » 01 Dec 2017, 17:59

hi guys !

really interested in this topic because i had also come to the conclusion that the scathis is essentially a slow an heavy pile of garbage.

i think some ideas are good, but i don't think it should be given a very long range, to me that wouldn't make sense. It is made to be a mobile arty, but if you buff its range too much, then you won't ever have any reason to move it, so it's just an artillery.

i'm not against the idea of giving it an EMP weapon, but i think those don't cross shields right ? so low damage + EMP would be just low damage. If it were up to me, i'd give it a higher movment speed because it's about as mobile as tectonic plates, but more importantly, i think all it really need is a good stealth+cloak like the cybran ACUs, that would make it much more survivable. your opponent can still see where the shells come from, but you could runaway easier if it was invisible. oh, and i definitely think the scathis shoud be able to fire from underwater though, if the water is shallow enough obviously.

if we leave the scathis alone for a while though, i think the best options for a cybran game ender definitely needs to be something about being sneaky, the idea of a gigantic cloak seems really neat, but it would make no sense if the aeon T3 super intel and UEF satellites can see through it (i don't know if they can).

otherwise... well the EMP missile or arty idea is nice, but as i said, i wouldn't give it to the sacthis. However, since someone was complaining about how the cybran T3 arty is garbage, i thing it would be fair if it got the EMP burst, since adding new units to the game doesn't seem to be a viable option.

and finally, someone said that the cybran suck ass early mid, and late game, but i totally disagree, at T1, mantises are very maneuverable, can assist your ACU to tech2, and have a high rate of fire which mean you lose very little damage to overkill or misses, at T2 the rhino is second only to the tech 2 seraphim assault bot, and at T3 loyalists are very efficient at mowing down XPs (except fatboys, cursed be their name !) and their high speed and EMP death makes them very good a overrunning bases.
at least that's my opinion
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