Tactics/Strategy help. Answering your questions.

Re: Tactics/Strategy help. Answering your questions.

Postby PhilipJFry » 07 Jan 2017, 10:20

Lich King wrote:T1 bombers are great if you need to overrun a base full of T3 anti-air (that is NOT seraphim). T3 AA is deadly against its own tier but because they will overkill hopelessly, their usefulness is about that of a T1 MAA (except a one with 7000 HP). You can definitely spam 50+ T1 bombers, send them to bomb an unshielded firebase/resource base that you need to take out, do split attack and bomb 'em. T1 bomber spam may also be viable to weaken a shielded base but I do not know how efficient that'd be.

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Re: Tactics/Strategy help. Answering your questions.

Postby doctor brachman » 18 Sep 2017, 21:37

is it best to go pgen or mass extractor first- after factory
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Re: Tactics/Strategy help. Answering your questions.

Postby TheKoopa » 19 Sep 2017, 13:48

Every bo and map is different so it depends
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