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Common mistakes that Noobs keep making, please stop 3.0

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2018, 22:44
by Destructor
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Listen and Pay attention. You will get better with these tips.

Some keys for the game:

PDT1 = Point Defense Tech 1
PDT2 = Point Defense Tech 2
AA = Anti Air
TML = Tactical Missile Launcher
TMD = Tactical Missile defense
PGEN = Power Generator
OC = OVERCHARGE (5000-12000 Energy, 13000 Damage, 3#U)
#U = Used area of ONE PGEN T1.
MEX = Mass Extractor
DPS = Damage per Second
DPH = Damage per hit


Mass is essential, specially on the beggining, reclaim everything faster than u can with SHIFT + ALT + HIT MOUSE (DON’T USE PATROL TO ENGS), you will see a RED LINE on the map. This attack mode is soo usefull to units too, they will stoop when find another enemy unit on the way.
FIRST LAND FACTORY WILL JUST MAKE ENGS ALL GAME, REPEAT… ALL TEAM GAME, build 15-25 t1 engs, upgrade t2, build at least 5 engs t2, first eng t2 build TMD, others Pgens t2, PDT2, AAT2.....

>>>Land factories is faster to release engs than air factories<<<

In some maps, you have a good spots with a lot of mass wreckages, look this places while your acu is building your first factory (you have 30 seconds to do it).
If you HIT CTRL + SHIFT, you see all good reclaim spots. Try it. Units wreackages are soo usefull too.

You will always will be upgrading at least one mex. Since 2 minutes of the team match, you must to start to upgrade your mexes. If you are with a couple of engs reclaiming mass for trees, rocks, and other kind of wreckage, trust me, you are doing the right thing.


The wreckages of ALMOST ALL UNITS save 81-85% of mass if u reclaim it. I say 85%.
Sooo, if your enemy are killed some unit, mass extractor for example, NEVER BUILD the same thing on that wreckage, if u build with this, u saves just 50% of the mass. U will build another unit very fast with 85% of mass than just 50%.
MEX T2 (36+900M) = Saves 810
MEX T3 (36+900+4800M ) = Saves 4320
It’s the same logical system to every unit.
With MEXES, when u build t1, and upgrade, u are spenting less mass to produce t2 MEX cause u are producing too, sooo, it's Always better to build T1 and hit upgrade t2 than build t2 mexes with t2 or t3 units!!

FAF MEXES does give decent adjacency bonus
T1 - 7.5% pretty much always worth to get adjustency
T2 - 12% or so, great adjustency, even more efficient to have t2 factories there instead of storages
T3 - 15% - shitty adjacency, always better to go with storages for t3 mex

Don’t build T2 mexes with ENGs… NEVER.
Build t1 or T3 to save mass


If you build PGENS T1 arround anything, saves 25% of energy.
If you build PGENS T2 arround anything, saves 50% of energy.
If you build PGENS T3 arround anything, saves 75% of energy.
Very useful to radars t2 and t3, initial factories, Shields, nukes, Rhianas Eye, Shootsayer, and to make arty t3 shoot fast, but if you think they are a good way to t3 air factory, sometimes, it's not, because is very useful to set a lot of engs to assist the main factory than save energy...
"EDIT" - Now, it's more easy and CHEAP to make a lot of factories t2 and t3 using HQ SYSTEM, sooo, to build AIR FACTORIES surrounded with PGENs now it's a good way on late games maps.

Dont forget to scout your enemy every 3 minutes.


ACU T1 means = just 2 engs t1 OR almost 20 t1 tanks, reclaiming unit and protecting the front.
ACU T2 means = just 3 engs t2 OR almost 30 t1 tanks, reclaiming unit and protecting the front.
ACU T3 means = just 4 engs t3, now on the main base to avoid enemy snipe or experimental unit.


Your ACU NEVER BE IDLE, almost in every map, you must to go to the middle to protect your territory. Acu is always doing something, fighting, building, upgrading herself, fighting again. But he is not have an ENGINEER JOB, ACU don’t assist factories, ACU don’t assist mexes upgrades, if he is building something, this building is a PDT1, PDT2, SHIELDS, AA, TML, TMD, in resume, units to fight against other units. Just on late game your ACU becomes an eng with T3 upgrade.
ACU do 100DPS with his main gun, and have 11500 – 12000HP, soo he can kill easily T1 units (140 – 300)HP.
Overcharde (hot key = O) do 13000 damage in a small area of damage, it’s a good way to kill a couple of units with a single shoot.

Don’t build everything on the same place. Noobs usually make pgens, PDT, everything near each other on the beggining and pgens are quite volatile, soo, its soo easy to kill all using a chain reaction with few more damage of a couple of units.
On the beginning of the game, is more easily to destroy all of your PGENS if they are near each other, your enemy can use a couple of bombers, a single drop of units, tactical missile launchers.

You are noob? Don’t play with CYBRANS or AEONS.
They are to good players, they must need a lot of micromanagement, they are weak to face another ACU because they have low HP than Seraphin and UEF

>>>CYBRAN TIP<<<<< Don't be stupid, cybran PDT2 is usefull sometimes, but is the WORST of the game and Cybran shields are a piece of shit, small and soo weak than another factions... Sooo, don't try to use a MOVING FIREBASE STRATEGY to win, probably you will spent a lot off mass, and after few minutes, your enemy will kick your ass from there, and will reclaim a lot of mass because you used a dumb strategy, better to make mobile missile lauchers, mobile stealths and t2 tanks.
It's very usefull to get an eng for another faction, you can build another units, experimentals, always, shields especially if you are cybran.


NEVER move your acu without a radar to watch the territory. A single UEF ACU can hold 18 t1 medium tanks, 24-28 with T2 upgrade, 30-40 with t2 and Gun upgrade if you are smart.

NEVER use ATTACK MOVE to attack an ACU, if your enemy is running back, your units will get range, stoop, shoot… So, move again to do the same thing.
The units usually will be near to each other with this movement, so it’s very easy to use OC to kill more than 5 units with a single shoot.
MOVE your units around your enemy, you can close his passage, it’s more difficult for him to use overcharge, so, much better to kill him.

Don’t be stupid, t1 MASS produces (+2), if u spent on mass storages (200 each X 4 = 800) around them, u gave just (+1). With the same mass you upgrade to t2 to produces (+6), of course later with mass storages (+9).

NEVER leave your ACU IDLE.

It's useful to get at least 1-2 veteran stars on your commander, means more HP for each star, and some more Regen/second. If you have stars means that you used your acu to fight, saved mass from your units and reclaiming at the front.
BUUUUUUUT... If your HP is low, retreat and upgrade your ACU... T1 ACU just have 10-15 regen/second... If you upgrade to T2 or T3, u got + HP and more regen/second for each tech of upgrade.
For example: UEF with single T3 upgrade means 18000HP... With 5 Stars veterancy means 28000.

A good way to upgrade your mexes is very simple, with this move, you could focus on the battle. Select a single t1 mex, press CTRL + Z (To select all of the same selected unit). Now, all of them is selected, HIT UPGRADE, wait 1 second, HIT PAUSE UPGRADE (||). Now u can use a couple of ENGS to assist the upgrade selecting all mexes than you wanna to upgrade with SHIFT movement, when the upgrade finishes, your eng will go to assist next MEX. Of course, you can HIT UNPAUSE on a single selected mex to accelerate the upgrade sometimes.

10º Learn with some friend HOW TO BUILD TEMPLATES, you will use this TEMPLATE every time on the game. MAIN TEMPLATES:
MEX STORAGES = To set around mexes. TIP... if u SHIFT + RIGTH CLICK 2x fast with an eng on mex, storages will be setted to build.
PDT1 WITH WALLs = It’s good to hold ACUs, because with walls, ACU just hit a PDT1 with OVERCHARGEs.

ENERGY STORAGES = VERY VOLATILE UNIT, 2000 damage explosion with just 500 HP, sooo its easy to make some good chain reactions or kill this unit first when is another unit on this side.
Sooo u can build a template like that... (X) 2,5U# (X) 2,5U# (X)2,5U# (X)...Did u see that scale that i doo???? If you build just 4, u will have 24000 of energy storage, more than useful to upgrade ACU to T2 or make a Gun Upgrade.

11º Usually your mass production will be ALWAYS NEGATIVE on the beggining, if you are keeping for something, you are WRONG. You forgot to upgrade something, you forgot to upgrade your ACU, you forgot to build more factories, you forgot to build more energy to air production.

12º After reclaim every rock, tree, wreckage in your main base, your idles enginners will go assist air factorys or assist ENGT2 who is producing your first or second PGENT2, TMD.

13º Your acu spent 1.30 minutes to upgrade T2 (24000E 800M) or GUN (22000E 800M) alone, long time to wait, long time to be stooped in a fixed place. You can’t use Overcharge while you are upgrading, you don’t move while u are upgrading, your enemy can use a lot of arty t1 (600DPH), Tatical missile laucher (6000DPH), bombers T2(1200DPH)… so…. Always to make an upgrade on your acu, you must to be on a safe place with a couple of engs to assist your acu.
Your 7º eng will build at least 4 Energy storages, when you are full of energy, upgrade your ACU with more than 4 engs.
This two main upgrades (T2 and gun) must be done in less than 20 seconds each one when you are on the middle, sooo u must have ENERGY and ENGs to assist your ACU. Sometimes u can HIT PAUSE in all of your factories to save mass to make the upgrade more faster, belive me, you need to upgrade fast.

14º Stoop to do the same mistakes… Think… It’s more difficult to kill units on the middle of the map or on the corners inside de main base??
On the middle is the place to war, not to build any kind of mass or energy production
Soooo… STOOOOOOOOOOOP to build PGENT1, PGEN T2, Energy storages, AIR FACTORIES, specially expensive units like Nukes, Artys t3 on the middle. They can hit all usual maps, its obvious... If your enemy can BREAK your defenses, you will lose mass, energy and a lot time.

15º Noobs loves so much engineering stations and fixed t2 artillery, you just build this kind of unit afer you have ALL MEXES on T3, they cost a lot to be builded before a strongest economy, and have less cost/benefit than engies.
T2 FIXED ARTY (2200M) have a high cost and low DPS, it’s very rare good players build it, usually we use to protect naval islands against ships or to hold FATBOYS.

16º You must to know the main HOT KEYS…

CTRL + L = Land War units
CTRL + A = All air units
CTRL + Z = Select all units who u have selected.
( . ) = GO to ACU
( , ) = Engs
“O” = Overcharge with ACU.


17º Noobs love to build point of defenses in all map, all game. On the beginning of the game, they have a high cost to be builded in every place, focus on the middle map, build tanks, air units, u don’t need to have PDT1 or PDT2 inside your main base in the most of games. Just AAT1 and AAT2 are very useful to hold drops and gunships. Try to make AA near corners of the map to protect the DROP AREAS

18º Another very common mistake with noobs is to build defenses in a parallel lines (like this (XXXXXXXXXX) and I love who make this kind of weak defense.
It’s easy to hit at least 3 units at same time with a single shoot, I can use Overcharge, bombers t1 T2 or T3, mobile arty, TML, mobile missile lauchers, We just send a single shoot, and make damage on a couple of units.
TATICALS MISSILE DEFENSES will hit the first tatical that are coming before his reload, sooo, with less tatical missiles u can hit many tatical defenses...
This kind of weak defense it’s more easier to break with normal units and experimentals, because the unit can stoop in front of this defenses and kill everything there. When the XP must to move and turn around his main gun, he loses more HP and spent more time to do the same thing. SOOO, when u will build something, SPREAD them arround.
Think than you are facing an Yothotha, he send na globe like Overcharge every 5 seconds with 4#U and 12000 Damage, if you are builded everything near, a single shoot can hit all, and he will get XP, break your defenses and will gain veterancy very easy.

It was a time than i was facing a UEF enemy than build 4x4 PDT3 on the middle at FIELD OF ISIS, everything at the same place, i told 4x4. and i was Seraph... i builded some t1 units to change focus of his PDT3, when my Yothota come close, i focused on the middle PDT3, and with just a single shoot i killed 14 of his PDT3.[/b] Usually just 8 PDT3 on rigth place can kill a Yothota very easily... With good placed shields, u just need 5.

19º Don’t be stupid and don’t stay idle near unstable units like PGENS T2, T3!! Exemple: ENERGY STORAGES, they have 500hp, but his explosion do 2000 damage.
Soo it’s a bad choice to build them near each other or near good things like Pgens T2, T3 or factories, to ENERGY STORAGES, the right distance between each other is 2,5#U to avoid the sequential explosion.


It’s a good option to build unstable units far from each other, or you can make groups/cells with a couple of them to gain some bonus adjacency, your enemy will spent much more time to kill your units.
Whathever, it's a good way to kill unstable units near enemy ACU before u set to kill the residual HP.
Think how you need to kill using less hits.

For example: Usually some players build pgens like that OOOOOOO.
Soo, it's better u try to start to kill units focusing on middle than corners. U can hit units like that: XOXOXOX...
If u will make PGENS t1 in line, u should think to build them on a DIAGONAL WAY.

Remember, if u are using a unit with damage área and your enemy builded Pgens t2, t3 or other stuffs near each other, u can use your bombers or TML to kill both with a single shoot, u set a ground fire at the intersection of them, and u can kill these importante things with a just single shoot. :D

20º Never make a eternal pursuit with your ACU against your enemy ACU on a team match.
Its obvious.... Almost of battles are on the middle of map, soo, your ACU run 50% of the map.
To make a good match, without high risks, don’t advance your ACU more than 75% of the map, usually is a suicide.

21º You can avoid Mobile arty t1 if u run in a ZIG-ZAG movement.

22º Always protect PDT2 (125 – 150DPS) on firebases with PDT1. PDT2 have a good range, medium damage, and low turret pitch.
PDT1 have a high damage and a high firerate (150 DPS), it’s good to avoid spam units better than just PDT2.

23º Don’t be stupid… ACU have a high range of build, you don’t need to build things near her feets, use the range (ORANGE CIRCLE).
If you are being attacked with bombers or gunships, u should build shields, sooo, USE THE RANGE to do this, if u are building near your ACU, you will never complete the shield because bombers have a damage area explosion, but if you use the range, many times you will save your acu against bombers when your enemy forget to kill your shield construction.
If you wanna try to avoid t2 bombers with ACU movement, it's hard, but possible.
Against t3 bombers it's possible, but very very very hard.
Sooo, its usually better to build a shield

24º Don’t be stupid again… Your ACU is good against t1 and t2 units, but weak against T3 units, and VERY VERY VERY weak against XP.
Usually with 18 minutes, your enemy start an XP, Units T3 or many bombers T3, GO BACK to your main base.

25º Gun upgrade is ALWAYS necessary, even turtle maps, try to make T2 and Gun before 8 minutes of the game. With some PDT2 and SHIELDS, sometimes you can defeat MONKEYLORDs, using Overcharge, Of COURSE! Just far latter u can build RAS ALLOCATOR.

26º Make air units… many noobs don’t know how to do this, is very simple, AIR FACTORY + HIT FIGHTER UNIT + HIT INFINITE BUTTON, all time of the game.

27º Don’t waste mass with fighter T2 against other fighters. They are good to use agaist LAND units. It’s better to build 6 fighter T1 than a single Fighter T2 to do the same AIR-AIR job. To use AIR TO AIR, just can be T1 or T3 ASF, T2 is just to try to kill enemy with an snipe, or another important unit like PGENS T2 or a mexes upgrading or far from main base.

28º What do you want to do? Push an enemy firebase? Make more arty t1 than medium tanks.
To protect a firebase? Make more tanks than arty t1.

29º You must to fell, if your T1 units can’t join anymore on the enemy base, you have energy a good amount of T2PGENS or RESOURCE ALLOCATOR, it’s time to save a good mass…
Kill all of your unless t1 units, pgens T1 and T1 tanks, and sometimes pgens t2 when u have energys t3 or ressource allocator. (CTRL + K) and reclaim than usually to get mass to upgrade your mexes.

30ºif u can’t hold an XP coming against you, RUN to your ally main base.

Kill your tanks and units on your main base, it’s very hard to kill any XP if they come with veterancy, each star give 10% of HP and more than 60 regen/second.

31º Speak with your friends… help with air units… Speak when you need help, use SPOT hotkeys (F5, F6, F7, F8), when you see an TML, XP, Bombers, Gunships. Use F8 to set usefull spots. Dumbases players sometimes see some DANGERS units, like TML, NUKEs, GUNSHIPS, and don't warning his partners. I hate this kind of noobs!!

32º A very good way TO SAVE AIR UNITS and get air supremacy, to save mass and time, and a lot of energy is to build repair air stations, trust me, they are cheap and very useful. Usually on team games i build one for each team player, later i give using a donate button.

33º if your enemy have t3 radar, probably he knows where you are, it's easier to snipe you, on late games try to make some T2 stealths fields on your main base, it's hard to your enemy knows what you are doing or where is your ACU, surprise it's always a good choice.

34º AAT3 it's usefull against bombers, of course, but u need to place them at a strategic places. If u wanna to protect something, its completly unless if you build AAT3 near the unit that you wanna to protect because the bomber release the bomb earlier.... Sooo... Put your defenses protect your objective a little foward to do that.

35º I really dont understand..... Why i see players building ARTY's and Nukes in front of his main base???? Or making experimentals on the middle of the map without any protection. WHY MY GOOOD? WHY????????
If you are building an expensive unit that can hit all map, an expensive unit that u can win the game, why they don't use corners of the map, more far away to his enemys...
Honestly, i don't understand.
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times i've killed nukes and artys with tatical missiles, XP, and bombers when my enemy make this dumbass mistake, but if they are builded far from me, probably i've lost the game.

36º If a VETERAN ally says to u do something. DO THAT SOMETHING…
Don’t wait to make a couple of things, don’t wait to upgrade something.
Sometimes some noobs players make a turtle game all match, waiting to get all t3 to do something. Soooo, your allys die...
He had a good main base, a good eco, but probably will loose.

I was playing with an noob some weeks ago, and I told:
Make TMD in your main base… hurry. I saw our enemy building TML.
I told again… BUILD TMD in your main base…
And he don’t hear.
CONCLUSION: I told about TML 4.20 minutes before they send the first missile, and my noob ally was upgrading other things, he lose all mexes t2, and a t2 factory.

Few years ago, I was playing with some guy.
I told to come back to his main base since 16 minutes to 25 minutes of the game, because cybran is a piece of shit, no shields, no good HP on his ACU, sooo… more than 10x I say, BACK TO YOUR BASE, he was on the middle, building PGEN T3 (I was having a heart attack when i saw that).

“MAN… come back to main base to build these PGENS… they can use TML, NUKE, EXP to kill these units very easy.”
Conclusion: I was builded Anti-nuke on my Base, on his base, but he dies on the middle with a NUKE because he don’t listened his partner to come back. It was no reason to be there. And he will be protected on his main base!


ADJACENCY BONUS ... ency_Bonus

Some people are having troubles with inthernet conn, to other players and sometimes the flags of his country disapear.
For me and a lot of friends, we fixed this issue disabling IPV6.
It's very simple, even a noob can do that!!!!

After that, restart modem, computer, LIFE!!!!
For other issues, call an especialist to open your router ports!!

Thx for all…

Re: Common mistakes that Noobs keep making, please stop 3.0

PostPosted: 07 Dec 2018, 01:23
by moses_the_red
Thank you for posting this. Reading through it.

Re: Common mistakes that Noobs keep making, please stop 3.0

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2018, 17:28
by EcoNoob
and remember, u are a noob, u don’t have any rights to disagree

Re: Common mistakes that Noobs keep making, please stop 3.0

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2018, 03:02
by Gorton
I just want to say that while you can "fix" the flag issue by doing that, I don't recommend turning off ipv6.

Re: Common mistakes that Noobs keep making, please stop 3.0

PostPosted: 12 Dec 2018, 03:21
by moses_the_red

30ºif u can’t hold an XP coming against you, RUN to your ally main base.

Kill your tanks and units on your main base, it’s very hard to kill any XP if they come with veterancy, each star give 10% of HP and more than 60 regen/second.

I like your guide, and learned a few things from it, but I disagree with this.

This used to be true, back when veterancy was determined by the number of units killed. Its now determined by total mass, which means that lower tier units won't give much veterancy to T4. There is no reason to kill them and reclaim them, unless you're concerned about losing their reclaim mass - which isn't much. Killing and reclaiming probably does make sense when production is limited by mass since usually higher tier units are better mass for mass.

But in the scenario above, you have a T4 incoming and no time for reclaim and production. In that case low tier units are worth putting against T4. If the T4 kills them, they were just cannon fodder and bought you some time. If the T4 ignores them they get to do some DPS.

For some T4 like the Galactic Colossus, I imagine its probably better to use at least some lower tier units if you can, because some of his weapons (the grabby hands) will grab T1 units instead of higher tier units.

If you send just bricks against a GC, each grab will result in a dead brick. If you send those same bricks with like 30-40 mantis, its likely that the grab hands attack will kill mantis rather than bricks, greatly reducing the damage the GC is doing to your army. This is perhaps less useful against a monkeylord, although because of the monkey's lower health it will take damage from the lower tier unit percentage wise so its probably still worth sending them.

Generally I think its a mistake for a T4 to target lower tier units, because it will remove enemy dps from the field fastest by targeting higher tier units. Since its a mistake to target lower tier units, it definitely makes sense to use them against T4. They will do some DPS, and will be the units that do DPS for the longest time, since they're the lowest kill priority.

Not alone, and not in a unit comp that has no chance of killing the T4, but they should definitely be sent.

Another reason to keep low tier units around and not reclaim them is that there are some instances where they are good against higher tier units. Its pretty rare, but mantis are great against Percivals, medusas are great against anything T2 when used in combination with other units and in all battles lower tier units get the advantage of either being cannon fire and delaying your high tier units from taking damage or being the last units on the field to be killed since they're poor targets.

For Sera I've heard good players say that T1 arty should never stop building.

Generally low tier units are worse mass for mass so the default is to always spam the highest tier thing you can, but I don't think it makes sense to kill and reclaim them anymore.

Re: Common mistakes that Noobs keep making, please stop 3.0

PostPosted: 03 May 2019, 19:14
by Bennis-
thanks Destructor thats some great advice for very new beginners

Re: Common mistakes that Noobs keep making, please stop 3.0

PostPosted: 03 May 2019, 19:33
by Dro
>>>CYBRAN TIP<<<<< Don't be stupid, cybran PDT2 is usefull sometimes, but is the WORST of the game and Cybran shields are a piece of shit, small and soo weak than another factions... Sooo, don't try to use a MOVING FIREBASE STRATEGY to win, probably you will spent a lot off mass, and after few minutes, your enemy will kick your ass from there, and will reclaim a lot of mass because you used a dumb strategy, better to make mobile missile lauchers, mobile stealths and t2 tanks.
It's very usefull to get an eng for another faction, you can build another units, experimentals, always, shields especially if you are cybran.

hmmmm not so sure thats right at all, cybran pd is adjusted so its measurably cheaper and shields are insanely cheap meaning you can spam them close to each other and get some nice cheap hp /regen that paired with some mmls or a gun acu makes it a valid strat