Where was my fault? Topic is solved

Where was my fault?

Postby Paisley » 29 Sep 2017, 14:40

Hi Guys,

played a nice game yesterday and really enjoyed it, but thinking about it, I don't know where I took the wrong turn.
Replay ID 6838466
I'm Paisley in red, top left. So things went more or less equal in the beginning, I got my eco set up good I would say, was pumping T2 navy out and got my side controled.
(I guess I was lucky that my opponent pulled back sometimes where he shouldn't so I got a lot of reclaim)
There was one moment I overflowed hard, because lack of buildpower, mistake, I know. Tried to build gunships just to spend mass...
Then I started some tempest because I wanted to snipe front and was sucessfull with it, at this point I thought we won. Just hammering the tempest into their bases and that's it. But no. Slowly got pushed back and back and lost in the end. Our eco wasn't that bad. Right side player went afk I guess and nobody noticed, that kind of sucked, but wasn't the only problem I guess?

Thinking about my navy play I think Aeon destroyers rock at T2 against everything but when game went on there where so many battleships, with some shieldboats, that I think tempest is an too expensive counter, so would should I do?
Ask for UEF tec and build shield+battleship? Ask for cybran tec and build harms and megas? Mega could have ruled navy and middle with a little bit of air support I guess?

Doesn't Aeon have a got answer for the late navy game? Was the navy game my error or did I went wrong at some other point?
Any input is welcome as I feel I got stuck a bit and would like to improve.

Thanks guys, Paisley
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Re: Where was my fault?  Topic is solved

Postby EvanGalea » 06 Oct 2017, 06:39

Hello, I hope you're still checking for replies to this post. I guess I'll take a shot at it.

Sentina 3 is an interesting map for naval vs naval (I was expecting this to be on Duel Gap). You actually played quite well, going for naval reclaim and ecoing up a lot, and mixing in mobile shields/flak into navy.

1: you didn't make much effort to grab the naval reclaim. By the end of the game Tempests were littering the seafloor like flipped pancakes with a bunch of destroyer wrecks (sausages and other breakfast food) as well. You could have used your acu to reclaim, as it was super tanky with all the upgrades you had (double shield and t3 is no joke) or you could have spammed engis out of the closer factories instead of trying to upgrade them. In fact while we're at it, you can reclaim orange's 40k mass worth of t2 artillery.

2: You either had way too much or way too little power. There were times where your shields were unable to protect your ships because they kept blinking on and off. Other times you were overflowing several thousand, although it was partly because you were mass stalling, rather than straight up overbuilding power. Next time I'd say reclaim your t2 and t1 pgens, they can give back a lot of mass and t3 power is more efficient anyway. As for buildpower, you can once again use naval factories for mass engi spam. They don't always have to upgrade or make ships.

3: You had a massive economy but spread it out on many things. You can't go for a nuke, multiple fatboys, and multiple tempests. IIRC you probably helped your air player with his stuff as well.

I'll leave the actual naval fight up to other people more experienced with that. Also yeah, your team kinda threw the match. You had the misfortune of getting one of the worst 1300-rated players in the back slot, and the dc didn't help much.
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Re: Where was my fault?

Postby Paisley » 14 Oct 2017, 19:30

Thanks for your reply!

1. yeah guess I lost control of everthing and didn't knew what to do in the end.
I always try to hide my com in the end because of posible snipes, therefor I normally also go T3 and double shield just in case of telemazer or something else I have some more seconds...

2. Really good point. When going T2 I just lay in my 4x T2 Pgen Template and forget about power. Have to control it more.

3. I think that was when I saw that right side was afk and air was sucking so I tried to fight alone on all fronts and that wasn't a good idea at all.

Thanks again for pointing these things out, will focus more on the details!
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