Replay Critique pls

Replay Critique pls

Postby EvanGalea » 30 May 2017, 05:28

From the very beginning I had no idea what to do. This guy had a scale based time based and eco based production lead, letting him pump out gunships for highly concentrated dps.

I fought valiantly, but in the end it was clear he was toying with me. Aside from shielding my power and more frequent scouting what should I have done better?
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Re: Replay Critique pls

Postby biass » 30 May 2017, 05:48

I fail to understand why you needed to walk halfway across the map to make factories, surely just making them in your closer, safer base might be better?

other then that, you failed to take your halfmap, so in the end you didn't really have a chance, so that should be what you should focus on

you reacted poorly to air, keeping interceptors on patrol is a poor substitute for actual micro, especially when you're being attacked by gunships on the other side of the map to said control point

you're making t3 land, t3 air, and ras (you know ras is obsolete now right?) at the same time, all slowly, why?

you got powersniped, and then you start doing all three again, just make t3 pgens?
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