Countering ShieldCom

Countering ShieldCom

Postby EvanGalea » 04 May 2017, 04:10

I've been wondering for a while, how exactly do you counter/check UEF shieldcom?

I don't have any replays to show (yet) so there might not be much to talk about. In fact, I'm usually the one sporting it (and since the speed of reclaim was nerfed, I've noticed this particular upgrade a fair bit more).

On any team map my standard strategy is to beg for energy from my teammates, give my base to the air player, and then
Com-Bomb the nearest enemy base. Often with 2 early Percivals, Flak, and some t1, it's enough to punch through, especially since I like to attack people already under fire from teammates.

What exactly do you do to counter shieldcom, especially when it comes at minute 12?
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