Mapping Guideline document discussion

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Mapping Guideline document discussion

Postby biass » 29 Nov 2018, 07:08

This is the past work in progress document, i wasn't very happy with it. Mostly because i am a design snob and i wish only to put my boot heel into anything that rhymes with "tonic fans" : ... 4mYY0/edit

Thus, i spawned this document. this only has a night of writing in it currently as i have some other pressing matters to attend, but i wanted to open it up to your thoughts and opinions early up. ... sp=sharing

you can comment onto the document directly. but you might need a google account active to do so, if you care about your real name make sure it isn't tied to the account you're using.

Feel free to roast the hell out of anything you don't like, as is the point of the thread.

Oh and plug, i finished work on that maps and mods discord server's link section, it is now a well organised and comprehensive list of relevant guides and tools for the topic, if you need them, or if you have anything to add especially if it pertains to modding or coop, or even general artistry and workflow - join up and suggest it's addition. This link rework comes with a more light and organised list of channels, new emotes, and eventually a full rebrand and more revamping in the future.
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