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Numeric lobby options

Postby EntropyWins » 23 Dec 2017, 16:01

Many of the maps that have special options have a bunch of numeric options. An example of this is the "Auto Reclaim" option of the map Final Rush Pro. Here you can select how many % of the killed units mass value you get automatically. For this type of option having a dropdown with possible values is rather inconvenient and restrictive. Being able to enter a number (into a numeric input field rather than a dropdown) as the map host would be great.

I know this is not possible for all options and cannot be done automatically for existing ones. What I am asking for is support for numeric input options that map authors can use by specifying for a given option in their map that it should use this new numeric input.

This would also be useful for options in game modes such as Phantom-X where Phantom Bonus and Paladin Bonus are also quite restrictive.
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