Compatibility with FAF 3650

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Compatibility with FAF 3650

Postby Akinor » 28 Oct 2015, 23:15

I really appreciate this mod and when I updated FAF to 3650 I was surprised that the mod wasn't working anymore.
Many problems are responsible of that:

1. The following commit broke the required mod "Global Icon Support" (blackops): ... d679c96b18

2. In another commit the "TableCat" function was moved: ... 2ef58147f9

So to make the mod works, I:

1. Compressed the textures dir in a zip named it to Z_TM_textures.scd.
The textures dir is located in \Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\mods\TotalMayhem\textures
The prefix I used "Z_" is to indicate the game that this file should be loaded after all other scd files.

2. Moved the file in my Forged Alliance gamedata dir:
E:\Jeux\Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance\gamedata\Z_TM_textures.scd
This is to avoid having to use Global Icon Support (I disabled it in my mods).

3. Replaced the import of "TableCat" in the following files:
\Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\mods\TotalMayhem\lua\TMavaEffectTemplates.lua
\Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\mods\TotalMayhem\lua\TMEffectTemplates.lua
I replaced:
TableCat = import('/lua/utilities.lua').TableCat
TableCat = import('/lua/system/utils.lua').table.concatenate

4. In the file:
I commented:
Mesh = {
LODs = {
LODCutoff = 150,
ShaderName = 'NormalMappedAlpha',
I am not sure this last step is useful but a warning indicates that the mesh is declared twice for this unit.

Good games to all

PS: link to the thread about Global Icon Support: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11014
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Re: Compatibility with FAF 3650

Postby remanemporor » 14 Dec 2015, 00:02

I had been looking for a solution to this for a while. Now my units fire again. Thanks m80
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