Aeon T2 'Pumice' and Cybran T2 Advanced Bomber Bug

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Aeon T2 'Pumice' and Cybran T2 Advanced Bomber Bug

Postby Goldy3 » 21 Sep 2018, 01:44


Aeon T2 Pumice and the Cybran T2 Advanced Bomber has a bug where the A.I will automatically take control of the unit without player input. Basically if you remember the transport bug from awhile back where TM units disembarking from transports would end up losing player control. It's that same issue here but without the transport. So far. It's just these two units that I've found that do this.
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Re: Aeon T2 'Pumice' and Cybran T2 Advanced Bomber Bug

Postby Uveso » 12 Dec 2018, 07:54

Hello Goldy3,

oh yeah the autoattack weapon...

Many units have autoattack weapons with absurd long range like 500 or 800.
Normally those weapons are only available if the skirmish AI is controlling those units.

In some cases the autoattack weapon is activated for human players.
Then the unit will move to the next target in range. a 10x10 map has a range of 512.
So if the weapon has a range of 500 or 800 it will target everything on the map.
And moves to it.

I changed the range of all autoattack weapons to normal weapon range.
(I also need this for my own AI to control those units from the main AI brain.)

Fixed in V1.37
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