The Ugly next Lobby 2.6.0

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Re: The Ugly next Lobby 2.6.0

Postby Xinnony » 28 Jan 2015, 21:31

LOL, I would not put my comment would've done something stupid again, like all previous.
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Re: The Ugly next Lobby 2.6.0

Postby ckitching » 29 Jan 2015, 02:35


So, we've established that these functions are never used anywhere. And I really mean "anywhere": I've scanned FAF code, GPG code, and every mod in the mod database. As such, we can definitely remove these without *breaking* anything. But won't these functions come in useful for future work? Isn't this making things harder for future developers?

Let's talk about each deleted function in turn, and see why that's not the case.

Yes, that's actually what it's called."Horz" not "Horiz".
The scrollbar class provides a far more concise way to create horizontal scrollbars. (which explains how we can still have horizontal scrollbars without this function).

Considered harmful, essentially.
This is a utility function that, basically, makes a nice simple way to create a sequential list of filenames. The idea is this is useful for loading frames of an animation, or suchlike.
The approach used, though, is kinda dangerously inefficient. If you need this functionality it's not a big deal to implement it yourself, and you'll definitely do a better job of it than whoever wrote this function.

The new Border (and related NinePatch) classes, found in ninepatch.lua, provide a much more versatile and performant way to draw boxes and dynamically-resizing borders around things (they form the basis of the swanky new dialogs, for one thing).

These provide a way to get textbox-like behaviour using an ItemList.
Don't do that: we have actual textboxes you can use! They work much better than ItemLists, and don't have weird mouse behaviour for you to worry about.

To sum up: I deleted a bunch of code nobody cares about, and that might tempt future developers into doing something the wrong way. Then you threw a screaming hissy fit. Again.
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Re: The Ugly next Lobby 2.6.0

Postby IceDreamer » 29 Jan 2015, 02:55

To be clear Xinnony, we have nothing against you, or your work. Having said that, it's not productive to do what you have been doing. The problem with the things you've been saying is that they don't make any sense at all. Now, I appreciate that there is a language barrier in play here, but even so, every comment you've made for the past few days has given me an impression of incomprehensible raging.

The correct way to do it is to make yourself understood, and to point out a legitimate concern about what's going on.
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