Unit structure cleanup

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Unit structure cleanup

Postby uberge3k » 20 Dec 2014, 09:43

The cheat menu's filters are annoying to use because many units are misclassified. From what I can tell, that menu is using the unit's naming convention to figure out how to sort them. And many of the unit's naming conventions are wrong.

I've gone through all of the unit folders, checked what units they contain, and noted the following discrepancies. Ideally, they should be changed to their correct values, but this will potentially break mods that attempt to override those units. It should also require renaming localized strings which currently use the same improper values.

Entries with the "Cosmetic" tag are sorted properly in the menu, but their naming convention is unusual. Changing them would not improve functionality, but it would satisfy the OCD of unit modders.

For convenience, this is the naming convention that I have observed:

First letter: U for original units, X for units added in Forged Alliance.
Second letter: Faction identifier; A for Aeon, R for Cybran (as they were originally named the Recyclers), U for UEF, and S for Seraphim.
Third letter: Unit type; L for land units, A for air units, S for naval (sea) units, B for base units.
First number: Usually 0, but occasionally transposed with the second number.
Second number: Tech tier.
Third number: Unique unit identifier.
Fourth number: Unique unit identifier.

Code: Select all
UAL0111 - T2 MML - should be UAL02XX
UAL0201 - Aurora - should be UAL01XX - change Categories tag from TECH1 to TECH2
UAL0307 - T2 mobile shield - should be UAL02XX
XAL0203 - T2 hover tank - should be UAL02XX - cosmetic
DAL0310 - T3 shield disruptor - should be UAL03XX - cosmetic
XAL0305 - T3 sniper - should be UAL03XX - cosmetic
UAA0104 - T2 trans - should be UAA02XX
UAA0310 - CZAR - should be UAA04XX
DAA0206 - mercy - should be UAA02XX - cosmetic
XAA0202 - swift wind - should be UAA02XX - cosmetic
XAA0305 - restorer - should be UAA03XX - cosmetic
XAA0306 - T3 torp - should be UAA03XX - cosmetic
UAS0203 - T1 sub - should be UAS01XX
UAS0305 - T3 sonar - should be UAB03XX (all other sonars are classified as "Base", not "Naval")
XAS0204 - T2 subhunter - should be UAS02XX - cosmetic
XAS0306 - T3 missile ship - should be UAS0306 - cosmetic
UAB2108 - T2 TML - should be UABX2XX
UAB3104 - Omni - should be UABX3XX
XAB2307 - Salvation - should be UABX4XX - change Categories tag from TECH3 to EXPERIMENTAL
XAB3301 - eye - should be UABX3XX - cosmetic

UEL0111 - T2 MML - should be UEL02XX
UEL0307 - T2 mobile shield - should be UEL02XX
DEL0204 - T2 bot - should be UEL02XX - cosmetic
XEL0305 - T3 bot - should be UEL03XX - cosmetic
XEL0306 - T3 MML - should be UEL03XX - cosmetic
UEA0104 - T2 trans - should be UEA02XX
DEA0202 - T2 F/B - should be UEA02XX - cosmetic
XEA3204 - engineering drone - cosmetic - weird place for it, but should at least normalize it to use the U prefix
XEA0306 - T3 trans - should be UEA03XX - cosmetic
XES0102 - torp boat - should be UES02XX
UES0203 - T1 sub - should be UES01XX
UES0305 - T3 sonar - should be UEB03XX (all other sonars are classified as "Base", not "Naval")
XES0205 - T2 shield boat - should be UES02XX - cosmetic
XES0307 - T3 battlecruiser - should be UES03XX - cosmetic
UEB2108 - T2 TML - should be UEBX2XX (it seems that some UEF units are using the 1st digit to indicate tech tier, rather than the 2nd digit)
UEB3104 - Omni - should be UEBX3XX
XEB0104 - T2 engie stations - should be XEB02XX
XEB0204 - T3 engie stations - should be XEB03XX
UEB2301 - T2 PD - should be UEB22XX
UEB2303 - T2 arty - should be 22XX

URL0111 - T2 MML - should be URL02XX
XRL0302 - firebeetle - should be URL02XX
DRL0204 - T2 bot - should be URL02XX - cosmetic (some Cybran units use the D or X prefix instead of U; the D for Downloaded is understandable, but X just seems to be random, and is shared with other faction's units)
XRL0305 - T3 bot - should be URL03XX - cosmetic
URA0104 - T2 trans - should be URA02XX
XRA0105 - jester - should be URA01XX - cosmetic
DRA0202 - T2 F/B - should be URA02XX - cosmetic
XRA0305 - T3 gunship - should be URA03XX - cosmetic
URS0203 - T1 sub - should be URS01XX
XRS0204 - T2 subhunter - should be URS02XX - cosmetic
XRS0205 - T2 counter-intel boat - should be URS02XX - cosmetic
URS0305 - T3 sonar - should be URB03XX (all other sonars are classified as "Base", not "Naval")
URB2108 - T2 TML - should be URBX2XX (same as UEF, some Cybra)
URB3104 - Omni - should be URBX3XX
XRB0104 - T2 engie stations - should be URB02XX
XRB0204 - T3 engie stations - should be URB03XX
URB2301 - T2 PD - should be URBX2XX
URB2303 - T2 arty - should be URBX2XX
XRB0304 - another version of engie stations? wtf?
XRB2308 - T3 torps - should be URBX3XX - cosmetic
XRB3301 - soothsayer - should be URBX3XX - cosmetic

XSL0111 - T2 MML - should be XSL02XX
XSL0201 - T1 tank - should be XSL01XX - change tag from TECH1 to TECH2
XSA0104 - T2 trans - should be XSA02XX
XSS0203 - T1 sub - should be XSS01XX
XSB2108 - T2 TML - should be XSBX2XX
XSB3104 - omni - should be XSBX3XX
XSB2301 - T2 PD - should be XSBX2XX
XSB2303 - T2 arty - should be XSBX2XX
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Re: Unit structure cleanup

Postby Anihilnine » 20 Dec 2014, 10:56

I think the X is for units that came in forged alliance "eXpansion pack"
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Re: Unit structure cleanup

Postby Resin_Smoker » 20 Dec 2014, 11:07

This issue has been around from the start of SC & FA.

The real issue with a fix is that it would break every mod in existence that modified one or more of the listed units!

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Re: Unit structure cleanup

Postby pip » 20 Dec 2014, 12:07

Resin_Smoker wrote:This issue has been around from the start of SC & FA.

The real issue with a fix is that it would break every mod in existence that modified one or more of the listed units!


Yes, because of this, you can't fix it by changing the codename. It would also require to change all models and texture names in the unit folders, and in the units BP, and localization files, etc.

However, it's possible to fix some categories here and there, like changing Salvation to t4. That's (mostly) harmless.
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Re: Unit structure cleanup

Postby RK4000 » 21 Dec 2014, 02:16

UEF units have E, not U :)

e.g. UEL0202 not UUL0202
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