Mod craetion OMNI_UNION but i need help!

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Mod craetion OMNI_UNION but i need help!

Postby REPELLERCOM » 26 Jan 2018, 04:38

This is liklly to be a long list of questions and pleas for help as my coading skils are limited and my speling worce disabilities slow me down but i am determined to prevail. The mods goul is to eventually add 2 new races if i get that far + add units to factions that i have thort about for some time.
1. Increace to all races divercity.
2. New extreem experimentals.
3. Agasency bonaces that dose more than aide in economy but prohaps ads trates like increased build speed or shield strength and outher.
4. All round new units and buildings.
5. Posable expanshion of tech levels not shor how.
6. An ultimate unite for each faction that has a limet of one that can be out at any one time with the ability to upgrade self like ithere ACU OR SCU.
7. The ability to upgrade pree existing structures with variants such as becomming more volitile but added efishoncy or increased helth and durability.
8.Two new races ×.× i can dream.
9. Anything elce i liklly mised dumped here :)

I will have many questions and i am also happy to ancer your questions to. :)

First and current problems i am having with my mod.

1. Trying to add a anty nuke launcher to the fatboy but it stops all guns from firing its somthing to do with how the anti nuke deals with nukes but i dont know how yo coade in a difront firing sulotion.

2. Any ideas on how to make a 4 leged unit not need to turn its legs round if its location in ithere 90° 180° or 270° from where it is facing.
IE the legs start to walk in the curent direction without turning round and the top can swivle to aline it self to the curent direktion of travle and wonce there stay in sed position till is moved or acoated.

3. How to brourdcast a forcefeeld on to a unit that moces like the aeon can brourdcast sight with there advanced all seing eye thing.

4. Any idea how to alow the novax senter to build or spawn in anuthere satalight is the sed satelight is drstroyde as i wish to chainge the way space is used and alow some satalights to be destroyde .... limeted to ofencive capeble sats whas the idea.

If you got this far thank you for your time and efort and i am on the faf discord surver under the name REPELLERCOM so feel free to ask what on earth i am on about and if need be what i rought down as i cant spell to save my life. Ty you lovely people. :)
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Re: Mod craetion OMNI_UNION but i need help!

Postby Franck83 » 26 Jan 2018, 20:05

Hi Repellercom, this is an ambitious program !

The best you can do is starting working on a defined goal, not everything at the same time. And start from an already made unit, then mod it to reach your goal. Modding existing units is an much easier task than starting from scratch.
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