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Bug / Suggestion List

Postby PacoPacoTaco » 14 Jan 2018, 03:57

Hello devs and players. I am Glad to see people are still playing and improving this game.

Here are a few things I think could be better:

1. Multiplayer lag-outs and game recovery window could be improved to give the host and players more information and control about game ejections. It often occurs when another player is knocked out and ruins so many games. Any way to improve on this with a game recovery mode would be amazing to make multiplayer Elo more based on skill and teamwork rather than internet weather.

2. Commander Pathing seems to be intentionally bad especially around buildings and t1 units. He's the boss so it would make sense for him to be intelligent enough to avoid a t1 pgen instead of bumping it repeatedly.

3. Harms are a touch op

4. Naval stealth in general seems to always beat t3 sonars even at close ranges resulting in wasteful and laggy streams of spy planes.

5.*** Unit and resource sharing might be best to have a time limit on them like a nr timer option 13:00 or so.

6. Ally shield bars should be displayed to give t3 artillery battles more of a team defense

7. frigates have too much hp

8. Ground fire should not do any splash damage to submerged ships, maybe occasional piercing shots should do damage, but much less and 0 splash. Just remove it in general would be fine.

9. Add an optional sound effect for units in combat

10. Add lobby calculations for each teams elo sum and games played sum for easier balance adjustments

You are all awesome.
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