An Updated List of Casters

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Re: An Updated List of Casters

Postby Mephi » 13 Jan 2017, 21:19

hey hey

starting to generate some content too. 1v1 related stuff. ... Yw3mAjBAeA
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My YouTube channel:
Top Level 1v1 POV and Casts
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Re: An Updated List of Casters

Postby SilentWarrior » 21 Jun 2017, 15:53

This Updated List, needs Updating! :lol:
Fantastic list, tho.
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Re: An Updated List of Casters

Postby SilentWarrior » 07 Apr 2018, 22:45

Medicraze does Casts as other videos about faf, like his infamous WTF series! :lol:
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Re: An Updated List of Casters

Postby Rowey » 21 May 2018, 18:31

Probably needs no introduction. Watches like professional entertainment with a voice to rival any sports commentator. Uploads multiple casts weekly. Good range and brilliant 'branding' of videos from ladder 1v1 to 'average joes' and 'epics' (>1hour long games) (1080p)

Very active with multiple uploads a week. Good mix of casts with focus leaning towards entertainment rather than deep strategic analysis. Other uploads not FAF but often enjoyable to SC players with regular RTS reviews in the never ending quest to find a 'better Supreme Commander'. (Also well labelled, I'm serious having a clear naming convention for your casts doubles your view count). He is also a Full Time streaming over on twitch
Youtube: (1080p)

Speed2cz [speed2]
Solid player with focus on team game casts POV. Has since began his [Learning FAF] series which is his commentary over various team and 1v1 games. Also has 'School of FAF' series which can be found on youtube or at the forum link below. (720p)

Great commentary from one of the best 1v1 players. Mix of POV and replay commentary. (1080p)

arkitect [arkitect]
A very entertaining news anchor about what is going on in FAF, also casts tournaments. ... 9T82T4NXWQ

JaggedAppliace [JaggedAppliance]
POV style Videos and Also Casting Ladar Matches ... xnqxq3YD1g

Casts, tutorials, and streams - Beginners to Average player rating. ... l919xX5qoA

Casting ladder matches and Live streaming ... R4A/videos

Yuri The Professional
Good quality production casts but only a hand few are in english the rest are in russian . ... GUiekDQ3Hg

Pochy Poch [Poch]
French casts and that's literally all I can tell you because I failed French. Some POV streams (also in French). (1080p)

German caster/POV gameplay (pretty newb though so don't expect high level teamplay ;D)

Heaven [various]
Great tutorial series, Live Streams, POV’s and other Video that are not Supcom related ... vgJAqrhC2A

Russian caster/POV gameplay ... aSvOxDxiUA

Also Russian caster, new kid on the block ... 1mXmnhaHaw

Inactive Archive

Mephi (Inactive 3 months)
See 1v1s from one of the best players on faf ... Yw3mAjBAeA

Sovietpride (Inactive 1 year)
Analysis of replays and POV gameplay/commentary ... VstjS51Mvw

Zock (Inactive 2 Years)
Lessons and casting from FAF's best player. Uploads range from 4 a week to 1 per 6 months. So he'll be staying in the 'active' section.
Featuring lessons with other players (you'll learn a lot) as well as casts focusing on detailed analysis of games. Usually uploads and casts in batches for events like tournaments. (720p-1080p)

17Luxun [Lu_Xun_17] (Inactive 2 Years)
Really good POV replay casts from one of FAF's best players. Uploads between once a week to once per 6 months. All casts 1v1 ladder matches. Great strategy discussion and all round commentary with a vibrant voice to keep it entertaining. Also nothing quite explains the genuine happiness of hearing Luxun say 'Scoot'. (1080p)

TA4LIFE (Inactive 2 Years)
Sadly hasn't uploaded in a long time. Longest running caster with the largest volume of videos by far. Very varied with excellent commentary on strategy throughout. Tutorial series', POV learning series', recommended for everyone.
Quality casting with excellent strategy analysis. (1080p)

ColonelSheppard (Inactive 3 Years)
One of the best tutorial series' out there by the player who literally wrote the thread on how to play for newbie 'Help, i'm new!' - in the forum. As well as some funny casts and entertaining short videos and a couple of podcasts. (1080p)

Swkoll (Inactive 3 years)
7 months inactive. Good mix.

ZaphodX (Inactive 4 Years)
Moved totally to Planetary Annihilation, but still has a huge FA playlist from months ago. No Longer active in FA, just thought deserved a mention if people want tto check out some older videos.

Petricpwnz (Inactive 4 months)
No Casts more recent than 3 months ago but may become active again.

JackSparrw20111(Inactive 3 Years)
New to this list but has casted for a while. Solid, experienced caster.

Nibelosky(Inactive 2 Years)
Decent casts with nice quality and has been uploading steadily for 6 months. Relatively unsure with earlier casts but can clearly tell the quality is improving with later casts. One to watch. Also has put in nice effort with intro.

Aulex (Inactive 4 Years)
Casting with much profanity [NSFW]. (1080p)

Com ( Inactive 4 Years)
A moderator casting FAF! Hey! At risk of getting put into the inactive bin, needs more replays! ... cAA/videos

Briang [YouLikeThat] ( Inactive 2 Years)
And inside look into sentons and other replay analysis ... zPzN9-DIMA

About this list:

a) Caster's Get Priority Based on:

Minimum 720p. 1080p will have priority over you.
Minimum of 5 full game casts [Parts 1-5 count as 1]
Active within last 2 months. Unless your on an extended leave or vacation or such I'll move inactive casters to the archive section. Best practise is to say what your upload schedule is in your videos like Gyle telling us he is moving house or BRNK saying is CPU is whack and he's waiting on thermo paste. Exceptions; so far just Zock and Gyle. Zock goes through phases and Gyle has a family now and has made it clear his schedule is going to be a bit less now.

Labeling helps! Have a naming convention! Seriously this like doubles your view count.

Quality. This does not equal personal preference. TA's efficiency calculations might send you to sleep and you might want to cry when Gyle misses an experimental but that's not what it's being rated on. Speech being clear and unbroken, good 'camera shots', quality production (no hissing, editing, clear etc is. )

b) Getting on the list - if you fit all the above PM & post in this thread me and I'll put you on. I'll periodically update and put new casters/move the list about but if I don't know about you I won't be able to put you on obviously. YouTube only, not twitch!

Feel free to use this as a more uprodate one :)
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Re: An Updated List of Casters

Postby FlyingThunder » 17 Jul 2018, 15:31

Quick update - Medicraze and Mountain channel link is broken and Phorsicht doesnt cast anymore.
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Re: An Updated List of Casters

Postby MrTBSC » 17 Feb 2019, 19:41

Casterlist needs to be ubdated again

at the moment the only caster to be relatively consistend is gyle ..

brnkoinsanity is a active player with custom games but castwise the last big he did was lots ... but not much casting otherwise as far as i know ...

also some of the channels don´t even exist any longer ..
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