Ranking system reform

Ranking system reform

Postby Zerzetzung1 » 28 Apr 2018, 20:21

Ranking system is totally broken. It does not represent players skill at all. Nor does trueskill (it tries, but it fails, not so bad as regular rate). Its just based on winnings. Not How good you actually played. My proposition is that skill would get fixed, that it includes the statistics from the endgame screen and would calculate points gained or lost from it. How I see this crappy scoresystem? From teamgames. There are tons of 900 players and under 1k players. They are totally crap. Useless to the teams. They got their points from merely participating in games, not by their own merit what they did ingame. The skillgap between 900 and 1k is huge. 1k shines in the battlefield. (you cant compare 1k skill to 1.6k tho) This issue is utmost paramount of importance. I have super hard time making rightly balanced games because of this. So how about making the ranking system based on merits, not by mere winning?

I really enjoy teamgames when all teammates do what they are supposed to do. Too bad teamkilling is not an option for "bad" players.

What do you think?

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