Add unfinished buildings and amphibious unit icons

Re: Add unfinished buildings and amphibious unit icons

Postby Steel_Panther » 20 Feb 2018, 19:03

FtXCommando wrote:Icons = quick and intuitive way to give information at a glance. You can argue that this change will do that. I am arguing that it complicates a basic system that is easy to understand and make decisions off of for no extra, or just marginal, gain in utility. Not worth the effort of programming, not worth the effort of thinking about it, and not worth the effort of discussing it.

You can make up all the scenarios you want, I've never lost a game because I thought a T4 icon was something else. My 20 apm ass strangely has zero issues spending the second to see the experimental that is coming at me. The only time this entire issue has affected me at all was when I played BHedit and the brick icon was the same as the loya icon. The closest issue similar to the loya = brick icon one is the amphibious tank = normal tank icon and as I said before, it's the only icon change that I think is even justifiable in any way.

I would agree that it doesn't take much time to initially look at a t4 and see what it is, but every little bit helps. That's like saying you shouldn't need hotkeys or templates because they "only save a bit" of time.

The problem I have experienced on multiple occasions, is when there are multiple t4s being built. I recall dying once for sure in late game with multiple experimentals on the field, because I knew they had 2 monkeys at their front (not enough to cause a threat at the time), but then they also had a soul ripper built in the meantime, and one monkey retreated to support the other side. I still saw two t4 icons, and didn't think i HAD to check AGAIN to confirm they were still the same units. Died because I didn't know I needed to be rushing up sams and shields and/or falling back. The ripper was sitting up front and not moving for a while, so I couldn't tell from the speed difference what it was and didn't happen to notice when the monkey retreated and was replaced.

Don't say it was just a fail in scouting because we have all been in countless team games where the air player's scouting just isn't sufficient and you may not be able to get your own t1 scouts across their aa. Even so, it's possible to miss things in chat if there isn't a marker placed and this just makes it a bit easier.

If it's feasible to program in different icons, it won't hurt you if you don't care anyway. You don't have to memorize which icon is which t4 if you don't want to. You can still just know "it's a t4." If other people would like it and it doesn't hurt you in any way, why complain so much?
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