your suggestions for tournament tab

your suggestions for tournament tab

Postby surtsan » 10 Dec 2017, 15:39

This is a work in progress (and it is using the future api system, to get the last info of tournaments, which is a WIP and not an easy task, the issue is that until this new api system is finished, this tournament tab won't be available to clients)
I will say though that my priority is on the tutorial tab over tournament tab

tourny.PNG (129.58 KiB) Viewed 306 times

You can see the list of all the tournaments, their state, description , number of players, when it starts (if the TD put the info), the type of tournament, and the tree.

Ideas I have which are not implemented right now :
- implement an auto refresh system (right now it refreshes only at restart of client)

-Fix the white background for the tree.

-have more info about tourneys ( list of participants, winner of the tourney)

-Put the winner very explicitly (so they will leave a trace on the tournament tab, for example in the list right now you see "Name of the tourney and the state, but I can always add below it the winner too). I'm sure they would enjoy it + more players may play tourneys thanks to that.

-Possibility to register/unregister to a tourney directly from the client

-Get notification when a tourney you subscribed is going to start soon (maybe even better, once the tourney starts or 5 min before, autojoin the channel automatically, just a QoL feature though), can be of course disabled

-Maybe notify clients about an incoming starting tourney (last call to register?) and can be of course disabled (for example an option : get news of tournaments)..

-Notify clients about the winner (could be merged in the "get news of tournaments" notification)

Go ahead with your suggestions/ideas/feedback/anything, don't hesitate !

EDIT : I worked on this one too to improve the famous "competitive scene", to add more players to tournaments and reward the winner too (by being explicitly shown), and also make life easier for the register/unregister part for tourneys
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