your suggestions for the tutorial tab

Re: your suggestions for content of tutorial tab

Postby FtXCommando » 10 Dec 2017, 07:03

I'm not sure if this was suggested already, but how about tying progress with achievements towards avatars? It would give people something tangible to work towards. Maybe something like a "Taking baby steps" for reaching 50% progress and then "FAF Graduate" for completing all achievements?
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Re: your suggestions for content of tutorial tab

Postby Exotic_Retard » 10 Dec 2017, 12:29

yeah that last pic should help out. the category subtabs are pretty much how i would have done it, unless perhaps they would become filter checkboxes. i dunno. not decided on that.

however, instead of next and previous buttons on the actual tutorial selections, could you make that a tile view and then add a horizontal scroll bar instead? would take up way less space than the buttons and look better too. (the YT ones can stay, scrolling doesnt make sense there)

also i wouldnt put too many achievements - what i would put is somewhere around 4 - reason for this is that i envision a few of these to have multiple tiers - so for example one would be for 10/25/50/75/100% progress - it would be in the same spot instead of 5 different ones in different spots.

oh and also due to client resizing i would make that a scroll area too, probably horizontal as well.
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Re: your suggestions for content of tutorial tab

Postby surtsan » 10 Dec 2017, 13:57

I don't think someone suggested about tying progress with achievements towards avatars. (I thought of it but totally forgot about this idea too)
That's possible but I don't know, going to ask the other devs about that (I don't know the "avatars policy") .

For your design suggestion Exotic_Retard : sent you a pm on irc about it (because not sure what you mean on certain points).

And I thought about client resizing (a good design is always responsive, which is the case, unless it's in the phone, then that's bad) so no worries about it.
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Re: your suggestions for the tutorial tab

Postby surtsan » 12 Dec 2017, 01:55

I spent so much time compared to other requests/features/bugfixes I'm surprised (even for tourny tab I spent way less time.. too many things to do on this project)

I even started a trello just in case not to forget anything and at least I can see the progress when I finish something on it... ( )

I won't do copper/silver/gold evolution of achievements (the play 10 games in copper becomes play 20 games in silver) , not sure it is really useful (+ maybe frustrating to users, oh I did this one... oh no now I have to do the silver edition...) + annoying to implement.

here is last version of it :
Capture2.JPG (187.77 KiB) Viewed 765 times

tldr : all the features are working now (even overall progress bar, all the achievement, the call trainer button, the notification for the personal trainer...and so on)

Now I just need to re read the code/improve it.

-Reward with an avatar : not possible unless I do server work (not possible for the time being due to the impossibility of having a test server), the nasty solution would be to give this avatar to everyone and hide it by default until he has 100% on overall progress (but that's too nasty + would need to be done on downlord side too + old client could use this avatar + easily hackable). Or the solution could be to have mods giving avatars... xD Come on mods, for the newbies ! (I'm kidding, don't want to add you work) Or maybe do it through a bot or something (like a secret message... but people may abuse it, there is always a few ways to detect cheaters but... idk)

-I also need images for these achievements (the ones are bad)... and same for the challenge/interactive maps images (unless I use just a text button, could do... probably will do since when we add new maps, it is going to be annoying to always add an image instead of just a text... I'm not sure though)

As usual, suggestion feedbacks and so on don't hesitate

EDIT : Updated it since I worked surprisingly after my last post (should have waited 3 hours...). But I'm satisfied of it, I reached my goal.

random idea of the night : maybe once they reach 100%, write a message in aeolus and newbie saying I reached this 100%. That's not useful but I would be curious to see these messages pop once in a while (or never :( )

I have also a doubt about the overall %, should each achievement only give at max 1/6 of 100% or no (right now it feels like some achievs weight much more than other)...
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Re: your suggestions for the tutorial tab

Postby Lancezh » 31 Jan 2018, 21:26


is this still in active development ?
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Re: your suggestions for the tutorial tab

Postby Wesmania » 03 Feb 2018, 22:11

Surtsan haven't been pushing any code lately. I've checked out his work on this - it's a work in progress, but it's very hacky and sloppy. I can get this working eventually, but some of it (like requesting trainers) would be best trimmed for now, since it piles hacks on top of existing client hacks.

There's another forum thread about tutorials over this way: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=15841
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