Unit Build Templates?

Re: Unit Build Templates?

Postby dukedickinsson » 05 May 2016, 10:01

Hello everyone

I have created build templates before but i can't seem to create them again.
I've tried anigilnine's method ( which was the way i built templates before ) but it doesn't seem to work.
All i get is a building template of the factory and no unit templates.

Any idea as to what i am doing wrong?


I've got them working again

- enable unit templates in options ( interface tab )
- select factory
- queue your template ( best to pause the fac here )
- go to the template tab ( next to T3 units )
- click the create template button ( this now replaces the infinite queue button )
- be lazy and never queue your army manually again!
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Re: Unit Build Templates?

Postby Hawkei » 05 May 2016, 11:16

Anihilnine wrote:...The reason why is say you want a transport. You just cancel the queue, queue a transport, then hit your template.

The result is you get your transport and go back to normal queue with minimal attention/apm, and you don't end up building 20x transports.

Same goes for t2 land. Say I need a flak pronto, I cancel queue, order a flack, then hit my mega queue for normal t2 spam.

This same result is quit easy to achieve when you have multiple factories. Lets say you have 3 T1 air factories. Factory 1 is building 1s 5i, with a continuous loop, and is sending those planes to a patrol route, built into the factory waypoint, which will protect your base. You bind factories 2 and 3 to a hotkey, and then tell them to assist factory 1. So all the factories will be building 1s 5i and sending them to the defensive air patrol. If you want some transports, or some bombers, simply press hotkey, and tell factories 2 and 3 to make desired units (with no repeat) - and right click on desired rally point. Those factories will build the required number of units, send them to the rally point indicated, and then resume assisting factory 1 with 1s 5i spam.
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Re: Unit Build Templates?

Postby keyser » 05 May 2016, 16:31

does any one succeeded to bind the template to an hotkey ??????

there is an option for that when you right click the unit template, but never succeeded to make it work !
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Re: Unit Build Templates?

Postby partymarty81 » 16 Jan 2017, 23:21

keyser wrote:does any one succeeded to bind the template to an hotkey ??????

there is an option for that when you right click the unit template, but never succeeded to make it work !

Does anyone know if this works? Thinking similar to the hotkey bind for the engine build templates set
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Re: Unit Build Templates?

Postby zachyattacky » 18 Jan 2017, 05:24

Yes it works, just a little bit different than the building ones, you gotta go into the menu that's to the right of the (t1)(t2)(t3) buttons in the factory menu, then you can save it from there. (and as has been mentioned you have to enable it in the menu)
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Re: Unit Build Templates?

Postby weffweef » 16 May 2018, 14:33

Hey guys, sorry to bring up an old thread but i can't get the hotkey to build any of the factory templates. I can assign a key to each template (if I assign the same key to two templates it shows an error message) however pressing the key doesn't do anything, the factory just sits idle.

Has anyone experienced this?
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