2 New Game Modes and 1 Feature Request

2 New Game Modes and 1 Feature Request

Postby AaronD » 24 Sep 2018, 09:19

I'll start with the feature request:

It would be nice if there was a button in-lobby to check if every player has the same version of every enabled mod. This would be particularly useful for Total Mayhem.

Now onto the game modes:

The first is original, and is a twist on the idea of survival: Two teams of players start on the opposite side of a map, AIs spawn from the left/right /top/bottom. The map is split into several zones. The outer zone is where the teams spawn. The inner zones are restricted to the players (and the AI) until certain pre-determined times. As each new zones is unlocked the difficulty increases noticeably forcing both teams to fallback to the newly unlocked zone, until finally the central zone is unlocked. The central zone would be very small, and would force the two teams to fight each-other for control while also holding off the AI's units. Perhaps the goal could be to kill the other team, or to capture a structure, or one team would win if all members of the other team die to the AI before the central zone. I suppose that this is like Battle Royal in a way, in that the circle closing in on the players is the swarm of AI units. I think that some really cool maps could be created with this and that the final moments would be intense.

The next idea is actually from the Xbox 360 version of Sup com: Spread throughout the map are indestructible structures that must be captured in order to gain points while they are held. The first team to a certain number of points wins. This was actually quite fun, but only made sense on certain maps.
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Re: 2 New Game Modes and 1 Feature Request

Postby Deribus » 27 Sep 2018, 05:46

First game mode is basically the Claustrophobia mod, just add AI to the middle.
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