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Overwatch Taunts

Postby Zook » 09 Jan 2018, 19:14

I come to you with this great taunt expansion mod that contains Overwatch quotes. It comes in Sim mod version or UI mod version for those who love to farm rating. You will need to be able to do quick maths if you dare to use more than one taunt mod(Check out LoL Taunts). This mod contains 53 unique taunts. So you will be in categories 99-151 unless with another mod like Nomads, it will be 117-170.

Spoiler: show
99 [Ana]: Are you scared?
100 [Ana]: Someone needs to show how it's done.
101 [Ana]: Who taught you to fight like that?
102 [D.Va]: Hehehe awe, you're trying so hard.
103 [D.Va]: Hehehe GG!
104 [D.Va]: I get the feeling you aren't taking me seriously.
105 [D.Va]: I thought you were going to be a challenge.
106 [D.Va]: I'm going to own all these noobs!
107 [D.Va]: Uh, was there a party I didn't get invited too? Hmph!
108 [Doomfist]: I haven't even broken a sweat!
109 [Doomfist]: What did you expect?
110 [Genji]: I was hoping for a challenge.
111 [Genji]: You seem nice, I'd hate to kill you.
112 [Hanzo]: Is that the best you can do?
113 [Hanzo]: The outcome was never in doubt.
114 [Hanzo]: You are already dead.
115 [Hanzo]: You do not want me as your enemy.
116 [Junkrat]: C'mon c'mon c'mon I hate waiting!
117 [Junkrat]: It's hard just sitting around knowing there someone out there needs to be blown up.
118 [Junkrat]: Oh, don’t mind me, I was just takin’ five. Definitely not thinkin' about blowin' somethin' up. No way! Eheh. Definitely not. ...Okay, come on, maybe just a little something?
119 [Junkrat]: What a bunch of misfits and freaks we got here: I love it!
120 [Junkrat]: You won't get rid of me that easily.
121 [Lúcio]: Why are you so angry?
122 [McCree]: We'll do this the old fashioned way.
123 [Mei] Woah! That was going great... Until the end.
124 [Mercy]: You might not want to tell your friends about that.
125 [Moira]: I will allow none to stand in the way of progress.
126 [Moira]: Situational awareness could save your life, I recommend it.
127 [Orisa]: Are you in distress?
128 [Orisa]: Are you satisfied with your protection?
129 [Pharah]: You made a tacticle error.
130 [Reinhardt]: Bring it on! I live for this!
131 [Reinhardt]: Do I have your attention yet?
132 [Reinhardt]: Is that the best you can do?
133 [Roadhog]: About time you did something useful.
134 [Roadhog]: I'm gonna make you squeal.
135 [Soldier: 76]: You need to slow down, think about your actions.
136 [Soldier: 76]: Always too overconfident.
137 [Sombra]: Did you mean to do that?
138 [Sombra]: I know who's been naughty.
139 [Sombra]: I think you're in over your head.
140 [Sombra]: Mess with the best, die like the rest.
141 [Symmetra]: Why do you struggle against your fate?
142 [Torbjörn]: Leave this to an expert.
143 [Tracer]: Ever get that feeling of déjà vu
144 [Widowmaker]: The party is over.
145 [Winston]: I uh, got you something.
146 [Zarya]: Are you in need of personal training?
147 [Zarya]: Your team was depending on you.
148 [Zenyatta]: Those who think they are all knowing, know nothing of what they do not.
149 [Zenyatta]: Do not be discouraged, everyone begins in ignorance.
150 [Zenyatta]: If you do not bend, you break.
151 [Zenyatta]: you must learn from your mistakes.

I am willing to take suggestions for other games to make a mod for, or quotes to add from Overwatch.
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